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Casey Anthony -- 7 Beers From HOTness

7/26/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Casey Anthony hot? That's the question few will ask ... and even fewer want to answer -- but we're about to do both. Begin judging in 3 ... 2... 

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Honestly she has a nice rack,but her face is garbage.

1149 days ago


To me she looks like a porn actress! She looks the part. I would watch her porn.

1149 days ago

D a Karla Homolka kind of way.

The freaks who think she is hot are inbred sociopaths. They like their momma....TOO much and still live in her basement so they can sneak peeks at her in the shower.
Put down the lube and step away from the computer for awhile, freaks.

Not a jealous housewife, just a regular joe so save your "just jealous" comments.

1149 days ago

some guy    

@Jay 4 hours ago: "...go to youtube and type in Howard Stern Casey Anthony..."

I just saw the vid. I partially agree with Howard, but I think a big part of the reason this trial got so much attention was how cute Caylee was. She was adorable. It's hard to imagine someone could do something that horrible to her. It still saddens me when I think about her.

I guess Casey is attractive, although it's hard to separate her from the trial. Would prob take shots of grain alcohol for me to forget that.

1149 days ago


Sorry but I think it is cheap to debate whether a mother who murdered her baby is hot or not. Even if she were the most attractive woman who walked this earth this shouldn't matter one bit.

1149 days ago


Imho the question: "Is Casey Anthony hot or not?" is wrong. People who say "Yes, she is." state a fact, but people who say "No, she is not" also state a fact.
TMZ should ask: "Do you think Casey Anthony hot or not?". And people who then answer "Yes" or "No" are giving their personal opinion.
My opinion about the looks of Casey Anthony is "No, I don't think her hot, even if I forget about the trial." And I am a male and I am not gay.

1149 days ago


If she killed her daughter, she'll be burning hot when she face her maker and he knock her miserable arse straight to hell.

1149 days ago


Will you guys shut the f&ck up? We all know that all she has to do is get you along and tell you she wants you, and you couldn't get out of your pants fast enough. You say these things because you know you're never going to hit it. You all say the same thing about Lindsay Lohan. She's a nice looking woman....and you know it. Man! You all sound like a bunch of drunken idiots.

1149 days ago


sick..How can anyone ask the question if this girl is hot?..I mean, come on, she killed a two year old child, lied and got away with it! We can only hope she never has another child or worse yet marry someone that has a child and she is the step mother!..God help any child that takes away her limelight in life!..she did it once she thinks she is invincible!!!!!

1149 days ago


I Mean, if she hadn't done the horrible things she did, I would think of her as average or a little bit attractive, but the fact that she's a murderer just hides the tiny bit of attractiveness she has.

1149 days ago

West Vasquez    

She would look better if my **** was stuck in her.

1149 days ago


I can't believe those people would want to be in a picture with her.

1149 days ago

NE NE Demery    

How in Gods name could a mother loss the precious life of such an innocent child. And have the decency to put a smile on her sneaky face! Such a pitiful& poor excuse for a low life mother.
She may have won the battle. But she has not yet won the war!!!! Her day is soon to come. And you will not con God like you did all the millions that know your guilty verdict!!! You may have lied to us. But you cant lie to the father who knows the truth!!!!

1149 days ago


She was pretty before she killed her daughter. Nowadays she's been looking like a polygamist housewife from rural Utah.

1149 days ago

southern bell-ish    

So, if I don't find her attractive, that automatically makes me an overweight housewife? haha, wow- brilliant conclusion there. Your level of clear logic makes you a hot commodity in Florida's next Jury selection. Personally, I don't find her attractive. Then again, I didn't find Bundy attractive either, or Lorena Bobbitt. I guess I don't have a thing for homicidal weirdos.

1149 days ago
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