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Casey Anthony -- 7 Beers From HOTness

7/26/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Casey Anthony hot? That's the question few will ask ... and even fewer want to answer -- but we're about to do both. Begin judging in 3 ... 2... 

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How much is TMZ paying for all the publicity..?

1185 days ago

Ralph Hornsby    

I think she is attractive. Some pictures are prettier than others.

1185 days ago

some guy    

@southern bell-ish

Are you an overweight housewife? Just askin'

1185 days ago


Hot or not, seems Baez and Anthony are out to hit the Florida taxpayers again. This time they want the taxpayers to foot the appeals bill.

The last couple of lines are pretty telling -
--Adding to the outrage, while Casey is crying poor, reports are she is shopping her story to large media outlets, trying to cash in on Caylee's death, possibly for more than $1 million.

And there are reports that attorney Jose Baez bought Casey a good camera as a present after her acquittal to take photos of her first moments of freedom to sell along with her story.--

1185 days ago

some guy    

I think the blonde chick right next to Casey is a little hotter. I'd let her do me.

1185 days ago

Pompano Ann    

Maybe it's pretty picture with pretty people; but a very black soul; knowing your daughter is dead. In time life will always balance you out!!!!!

1185 days ago


Sure, Casey's an attractive young woman.

1185 days ago


Hell NOO!! Everything about her is ugly, ****including her personality. ****

'fred' I like your poem!! I just read it to my coworkers and they liked it too.

Oh, heres another way I know she did it....If I was her and I didn't do it, the FIRST thing I would have done was go to my daughters grave,wouldn't you?? But she didn't. She smiled her way out and didn't even THINK about going to see her daughter. Casey Anthony disgusts me!

1185 days ago


Not Guilty does NOT mean innocent. That said, it was never she who called 911 it was her Mom.

There is a DEAD kid and people want to make this THING a celebrity?


1185 days ago


Im sorry since when are children killer celebrities? Has society become that low? Bad enough criminal Lindsay Lohan and all the criminal 16 teen and prego stars are shoved down our throat but atleast they never murdered anyone.

Oh and for all who say she is not guilty and if you buy her load of BS then she is still a woman who partied her a** off after dumping her dead 2 year olds body in a swamp to rot in the Florida heat.

TMZ please stop now, do not make a star outa this woman.

1185 days ago


I wonder who got paid for the photos in this clip.

I know the trial and jail house photos are licensed to either publication itself, like if TMZ's photographer took the shots, they belong to TMZ. Or they may have been bought from the independent stringers. Either way, no money for Casey.

I'm hoping they were lifted from public domain. Or at least some previous acquaintance cashing in on Casey without Casey getting a dime since the photos don't belong to her.

I could see that, especially since TMZ probably wouldn't pay Baez prices for them.

1185 days ago


I'm striaght but no i don't think murders are hot. Raise your hand if u think ted bundy and jeffrey dumher is hot.... i didnt think so

1185 days ago


Hey TMZ you should do a who would you rather poll. Casey Anthony or child killer Susan Smith, seems right up your alley! Oh wait I should give you people any ideas!

1185 days ago


When figuring hotness, one category of consideration should be "would you want her to be the mother of your children?" and I would have to say HELL NO! ....and she definately not hot enough to be in the other category of "is she hot enough to brag to your friends that you hooked up with her?"

1185 days ago


Ok, I feel better. The pictures used in the clip can be easily found on the web.

1185 days ago
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