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Casey Anthony -- 7 Beers From HOTness

7/26/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Casey Anthony hot? That's the question few will ask ... and even fewer want to answer -- but we're about to do both. Begin judging in 3 ... 2... 

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Casey is a 10, however, she sucks as a girlfriend which makes her an 8. If she wasn't so busy cheating on her boyfriends and didn't have such a psycho temper, I'd go lesbian completely for her. Max, clearly didn'*****ch the trial. That's his problem. I see no problem with this story because she is beautiful and I'm jealous she has the perfect body and I'm sure 100's of men (if not more) has slept with it.

1184 days ago


She is skanky. There is not enough tequila in all of Mexico to make her look hot.

1184 days ago


She is extremely hot. I would love to bend her over and hit that from behind. Also, regardless of anyone's opinion, she was found not guilty by a jury. End of story...let her get on with her life.

1184 days ago


Okay, the woman is physcially attractive, but she's a cold-blooded murderer, which makes her NOT HOT!

1184 days ago


KATY PERRY: Is she hot now that she has "blonde" hair???

1184 days ago


her ears are like wings, she can fly away with those things, she looks like the spawn of dumbo and sarah palin.

1184 days ago


The broad is the worlds biggest skank. Hot, I think not. Banging her would be like doing a walking corpse; only done by sick necrophiliacs

1184 days ago

some guy    


Hey. How are ya.

I just looked at some pics of Katy with her new hair. Looks weird. Think I'm just not used to it. Give me a couple days.

You ever thought about dyeing your hair? Kinda curious as to what you'd look like as a brunette or red head.

1184 days ago

some guy    

Is it possible to dye your eyebrows? Kinda gets on my nerves when the curtains don't match the drapes. What about pubes?

1184 days ago


She looks like a damn horse in the face with those huge buck teeth and lizard eyes. She will be dead within 2 years time either by drugs or someone killing her or she'll be back in jail for good hopefully.

1184 days ago

AL A TB    

Not enough hopps on the planet... Yuck...

1184 days ago


she looks like the spawn of dumbo and sarah palin she can use her ears as wings and i hope she gets gang raped by polar bears

1184 days ago


This is for JAY:
Jay, basically Casey Anthony is VERY AVERAGE, VERY RUN of THE MILL, very DIME a DOZEN, very COMMON.

Once she gets some dime-store cheap makeup and some teeth whitening strips and a "BEST CUTS" haircut, maybe a trip to WalMart or Target for her clothes, she'll be right back on top, like she didn't miss a beat.

Please, by saying she is good looking, beautiful, gorgeous - I'd say you are exaggerating a tad bit too much.

But after 7 beers.... well I do understand how beer goggles work.

1184 days ago


Wow TMZ. You've jumped the shark with this story. Time to delete you from my 'favorites' and move on. Casey isn't a celeb that needs your attention. It's sad you are using the nation's outrage at her acquittal (and the record number of posts to a recent story you did about a possible tv interview) to continue to talk about her. I was planning on boycotting any network tv station that airs an interview with her, but I didn't expect to have to add your site to that list. You are profiting from her crime by acting like a 14 year old boy on Facebook listing who's hot and who's not at school and getting all your 'friends' to pay attention to your 'status'. Casey murdered her daughter and now you should be ashamed.

1184 days ago


Hi Curious:

How is your day going? Hope everything is fine with you! Like you, I hope too that the pictures were not paid for! Would make me sick to see CA get any money.

Lets hope that the networks and their advertiser's will see that should they choose to air an interview with CA or do anything that may promote her in any way - that there will be a major drop in their viewer's and patronage! Here at home: It is off limits to watch Nancy Grace or that Jane Valdez Mitchell! Will not do anything that participates or promotes their show in any manner.

1184 days ago
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