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Casey Anthony -- 7 Beers From HOTness

7/26/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Casey Anthony hot? That's the question few will ask ... and even fewer want to answer -- but we're about to do both. Begin judging in 3 ... 2... 

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enough is enough.. ugh

1184 days ago


TMZ has just lost my loyalty. The notion offends me !! to spotlight such a reckless liar at the very least is disturbing. TMZ why don't you give this coverage to a missing child or celebrate a mother who actually cares about her kids !!

1184 days ago

Jose Baez    

Who needs any beer? She is beautiful.

1184 days ago


Shame on you TMZ for even mentoning this evil persons name. Instead why not show the face of the beautiful child whose life she so easily threw away?

1184 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Casey was never hot. She was just easy. There is a difference.

1184 days ago


Hey Curious:

I heard on E-news last night - that Baez has hired a Designer and Make-Up Artist, etc. to give Casey Anthony an entirely new look. As if that is really going to help her! Give me a break! She will still be the lying, murdering, etc. person she has always been. But supposedly (according to the reporter) it is to be a more conventional look - much like that - that she had during the trial.

1184 days ago



1184 days ago


TMZ, please dont stoop so low as to put this child murder on your site. She i*****ed and dont go making her famous. She is a horrible person.

1184 days ago


I don't know why tmz would put anything on here about her being hot. I think this is tacky and just puts a bad light on tmz for posting this. This is a sad story about how a little girl died and we are judging on if her mom (who was the last one to see her alive) is hot?? Really??

1184 days ago

some guy    

Yeah, I also think TMZ sets the standard on how the world should conduct itself.

Any stories that TMZ should be covering and commenting on? Libya? Greece? Norway? Darfur? AIDS? How Smurfs got into my sock drawer and are wreaking havoc?

1184 days ago


TMZ, not funny but I give it a 10 on the sickening scale.

Grow up, Harvey

1184 days ago


Please stop posting crap about her that's nonsense. stop and she will be somewhat forgotten.

1184 days ago


@ David,
It's called class and obviously, you nor tmz or those who want to get with her. If I want to read about world news, I go to cnn or something. If I want to read about entertainment I go here; any topic on Casey Anthony (especially if she is hot) is not ENTERTAINMENT;it is SICK.

1184 days ago


There are far more attractive average women out there! So why is all this attention being paid to CA? Oh, I get it - because she thinks that she is God's Gift to men - you plan to support, encourage and promote her belief - right - gotcha! TMZ - why not do a survey or as poll to find the next Marlyin Monroe, or Farrah Fawett, or Angelina Jolie instead? With all the truly "Natural Beauties" that are out there - and guess what! They aren't Baby Killers, or Liars, or any of that other stuff!

1184 days ago


Pegasus -

Good morning to you. So far, the day is going well. We'll see what happens when the coffee runs out. I hope your day is going swimmingly.

I've noticed TMZ tends to go with their own photos first, license some from stringers and comb the web for others.

From what I've been seeing - CBS was never involved; ABC has changed their policy because of the current backlash over the recent discovery of $200,000 they paid in 2008 and they will no longer pay for licensing of any material; NBC has been mum about a deal being signed. Perhaps NBC is waiting for public outrage to die down since casey won't be "ready to speak" for another 6 months or so.

Meanwhile, Baez is now petitioning to have Florida taxpayers foot the bill for the convictions appeal since Casey is broke.
Of course, that money goes into his pocket.

And while Mason is saying the total cost of defending Casey was around $2 million, the JAC says differently -
-- New figures released by the JAC show that the Anthony defense team billed a total of $147,018 to the state. Of that, $118,847 has been paid. $16,254 of expenses are still being processed and a decision has not been made on whether or not that money will be paid, according to an email from Jessica Kranert with the JAC.--

1184 days ago
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