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Casey Anthony -- 7 Beers From HOTness

7/26/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Casey Anthony hot? That's the question few will ask ... and even fewer want to answer -- but we're about to do both. Begin judging in 3 ... 2... 

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Pegasus -

Humidity is evil.

"Run of the mill" - exactly the right phrase. Thank you, i couldn't express it as clearly as that.

Have you seen this? An inmate in a SC prison wants a paternity test to see if he's Caylee's father and sue Casey -

1164 days ago


NO! She is a person who killed her baby. Beauty comes from within and she doesn't have any beauty within.

1164 days ago


Please sign the below petition to stop Casey from profiting off the death of her little girl.

1164 days ago


How dare you put an American Flag on her. Shame on you!!!!

1164 days ago



Just another nut in the wall trying to cash in on Caylee's death. No doubt there will be A Lot of men who will come out and claim to be the father. But, where were they when the search for Caylee was going on? Why didn't they speak up during the trial? Why come out now and make all these claims? Discusting that people are trying to find ways to cash in on Caylee's death through Casey. JMO


You are so right! True Beauty comes from within. And that is something that Casey Anthony NEVER HAS HAD nor EVER WILL! And its that Inner Beauty that speaks the Loudest and the Truest!

1164 days ago



Just another nut in the wall who is trying to cash in on Caylee's death. No doubt, there will be a LOT of men comming out of the woodwork claiming that they were the father. But, why are they doing it now? Why not when the search for Caylee was going on?

Your right - humidity is evil - sucks the life right out of you as well as any and all energy you may have. Its all you can do to keep hydrated.


You are so right! Beauty comes from within and Casey doesn't have that - never did for that matter!

1164 days ago


justaguy..Judged by a Jury of her 'peers'. That most certainly explains the verdict...........

1164 days ago


Pegasus -

Isn't it amazing? I'm torn between shaking my head and snickering.

I'm also going to have to tear myself away and get some work done here. You take care and I'll catch you on the flip.

PS If 2 idiots shows up, please pass along a Howdy from me.

1164 days ago


WELL,WELL,Beaz went to court this morning to try and stop"Zenidia" case going forward,Claims it is a publicity stunt,Does not want Casey to give a depo,MT TAYLOR WHERE ARE YOU,Casey cannot do interviews,because of Civil Court cases comming up,Casey depo will cut into money Baez and Casey are trying to earn for them.Casey will have to answer questions,or take the 5th (will not answer do to self incrimation)if she refuses to answer for the court,that means NOTHING SHE WILL SAY FOR THE TV,is true.So any TV network airing her comments is giving air time to a LIAR,

1164 days ago


She murdered her own child and got away with it O.J. style. What the **** is wrong with you people? This is not the subject for light hearted posts. You seem to have very little touch with reality. I hope you sick ***** get what you deserve.

1164 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

TMZ - Please correct this video. The jury did NOT find that Casey Anthony did not kill her daughter. The jury's verdict simply established that the prosecutor didn't meet his burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt. But they did not conclude that Casey Anthony did not kill her daughter.

1164 days ago


I may be the only one. You guys asked if Casey Anthony is hot? I think she kinda looks like Alanis Morissette. They both have horse faces and thats Not hot!

I'm just saying.

1164 days ago


I live in Florida and had to endure this mockery of justice for the last three years. The only thing worse that that old crone, Nancy Grace and her annoying nasally voice, is this girl who is basically a waste of space and, at best, looks lake a $5.00 hooker!

1164 days ago


I think is sad that TMZ would try to get attention with this blog. She is not good attention to get and the fact that you are giving her that attention on if she's hot or not, it's just gross. Why don't you ask Caylee if she thinks her mommy is hot....??? How do you feel now?!!

1164 days ago


Hey....I think you missed the boat on "Jeffrey Dahmers Favorite Recipes"...."How Many Pieces of Luggage can you jump over while OJ chases you with a knife??"

This is just waaay over the top, TMZ!!

1164 days ago
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