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U.S. Olympic Skier Commits Suicide In Utah

7/26/2011 4:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeret "Speedy" Peterson -- who won a silver medal for freestyle skiing for the U.S. in 2010 -- has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Utah ... officials have confirmed.

Jeret Peterson Suicide
Salt Lake County Unified Police told KTVB ... Peterson called cops to tell them where he was before he shot himself.  His body was discovered late Monday night.

Peterson was arrested last week in Idaho for speeding and DUI.

Jeret was a 3-time Olympian -- competing in 2002, 2006 and 2010 in Vancouver.

He was 29-years old.

Jeret was famous for his sick signature move called "the Hurricane" -- 3 somersaults and 5 twists. 072611_speedy_peterson_v2_still

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Vicki in Monterey    

PG - that was really a nasty thing to say...

1150 days ago


If you heartles*****ers out there had any idea of how much of a cool-cat bad-ass he was, you'd be grieving too. You know, it is ok to open up your heart long enough to feel compassion, but of course, you have to have a heart in the first place (as opposed to you f$&^ing ******* out there that feel no pity). RIP Speedy...you are the man

1150 days ago


@loki-if you really feel that way,please seek some professional help.I've struggled with depression too,but there are simple joys in life worth living for.It rips families apart when a member either attempts or does commit suicide.Please get help.

1150 days ago


At 29 & real accomplishments, I just don't understand......
Condolences to family& friends.

1150 days ago


6 one 9 i hope you do this to yourself next, and a few others that posted on this site...some of you just dont seem to get this...this guy was an accomplished athlete, a total success, but, he had demons, and, mostly, he probably had a chemical imbalance in his brain, that was undiagnosed, and so he self medicated, and drank booze to self medicate, thus the dui's, and speeding. what a total tragedy, for him, and his family. a life wasted, and, a wonderful, and successful life...but, what most of u dont understand, is, you dont have compassion, nor do you have understanding. if you cant have that, then dont post when someone dies from these sorts of things. you can, and might well be the next one..go get a life, those of you without compassion for these unfortunate people that havent gotten therapy and medication, had he gotten that, he would be here, and continue his successful life, and, he would, in time, work through his demons. what a huge loss for his family..condolences to them. there is no greater loss for parents than the death of a child.

1150 days ago


What a waste, idiot!!!

1150 days ago


those that are so talented, have so much to give live with things we will never understand. We can type sick thing here pretending that it doesn't phase us, but it does.

most typing the worse comments probably understand more, but hide it behind this board.

I feel for his family and friends, too bad no one could reach him before he did this. Others, reach out and talk, don't take your lives. Honest, even if it seems bad there is sunshine the next day. Talk to someone.

1150 days ago


Permanent solution to temporary problems.

RIP skier dude

1150 days ago


speedy was a great friend, athlete, and person....someones death isnt something to mock or joke about no matter how it happens...so to those of you who get off to your smart ass comments, stop it, if you have nothing nice to say shut up, your opinions are not helpful, nor insightful....instead of being rude why dont you go out and actually try to do something good in the world, maybe your horizons will not be broad once you get a life...speedy was an amazing friend to me....rip buddy

1150 days ago


To anonymous,

You hope that I commit suicide myself b/c I have no compassion for this dude? WRONG!!!!

Suicide is a choice and getting a good therapist is a choice. You say that (I) don't get what having demons are like ``` bla bla. wrong again `` beoutch!!!
Try being molested from the age of 2 until 12 by your own father.
Funny how I can walk the earth everyday and not want to KILL myself b/c my father was a selfish A``hole. SO ````````` Please excuse me IF I call people who Kill themselves `` WIMPS! B/C demons or no demons```` deal with your chit and move the EFF on!! 2 yrs with my therapist was key and IF I did KILL myself ``` then my father wins!! No ONE wins ``````` but ME!!! got that ``` dumb A$$!

1150 days ago

billy cema    

His friend killing himself in front of Jeret probably played a big part in his suicide. Also, the molestation as a child. This contributed to his depression and alcohol abuse.
We're told to never judge anyone. We haven't walked in his shoes. And we have to take the log out of our eye before we can point out the cinder in our fellow's eye.
May God Have Mercy on Jeret!

1150 days ago


My guess...he felt after the Olympics he could not match the same great feeling and got himself down, started to feel unwanted he should have turned to pot to calm his anxiety alcohol does nothing but depress you more.

1150 days ago


billy cema there is no god, we are all simply complex compost for the earth to be federalized, no more significant than an ant.

1150 days ago



1150 days ago


So sad!

1150 days ago
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