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Kristin Cavallari -- The TRAGIC Wedding Dress Photos

7/27/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

In one of the worst cases of horrible timing EVER, Kristin Cavallari posed in wedding dresses for a photo shoot last Thursday -- 4 days before it was announced her engagement to Jay Cutler was OVER.

Kristin Cavallari Wedding Pics
At first glance, the pics seem to back up reports the Chicago Bears QB was the one who did the dumping ... because why the hell would K-Cav put herself through the misery of a wedding shoot if she was contemplating breaking off the engagement??? 

On the other hand, why the hell would Jay Cutler let her go forward with a photo shoot in wedding gowns if he was gonna dump her ass a few days later ... unless he's just a mean person.

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Fredrick j frenger jr.    

That’s a pretty dreary backdrop for a happy event.

John: Was having a few drinks this afternoon with Jimmy ‘no-nose’ Giancana (lol, get this: right beside that island / mound hoffa is burried under.) Anyhow, he says A. Taylor will bring the negatives to the studio for review.

1123 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

That’s a pretty dreary backdrop for a happy event.

John: Was having a few drinks this afternoon with Jimmy ‘no-nose’ Giancana (lol get this -right beside that island / mound thing hoffa is burried under.) Anyhow, he assures me A. Taylor will be bring the negatives over to the studio for review. Ttys.

1123 days ago


Kristin looked beautiful but sad in these pictures. In my opinion, she Just did not have that glowing bride's smile.

1123 days ago

some guy    


Any way to photoshop a bunch of cats into the pic? Think it'd be more realistic that way.

1123 days ago


I think he "let" her do it because it was planned long before he figured out he wanted to be done with her. Seems pretty simple to me and in no way "tragic" or "mean".

Or, maybe he had no idea about it. She said, "Honey, I'm doing a photo shoot in WEDDING DRESSES! Isn't that so cool?" He says, "Uh huh" as he continues playing Black Ops knowing damn well he didn't hear a damn thing she just said.

For a place that has a lot of young folks on its staff, sometimes I wonder about your ability to be in touch with all things human.

1123 days ago


tragic is the young people in Norway being shot and killed- or the babies in Somalia dying from hunger....THIS is not tragic...she will get over it, he will get over it, the world will move forward for both of them....let's keep things in perspective.....

1123 days ago

Twisted T    

Go Jay! what comes around goes around :)

1123 days ago


Norway is tragic. Somalia is tragic. This is hardly tragic.

1123 days ago

some guy    

I think Kristin should spend her newly found free time reading a book. She should start off with something simple, like one of those books with sliding pictures.

1123 days ago


Jay maybe the dumper, but he's the biggest loser out of this. KC seems to have gotten clean, sober and looks gorgeous. Jay is a quitter in football, and now a quitter in life.

1123 days ago


Jay Cutler is cruel to wait until nearly the last minute to break things off. The very first moment he had doubts is when he should have put the brakes on things. People just seem to get engaged at the drop of a hat and then call it off suddenly (usually at the last minute). Think before you ask someone to marry you. Now she has the photos to remind her of probably one of the most miserable times in her life. Thanks, Jay!

1123 days ago


When two people are weeks away of getting married, I won't use the word "dump" when the wedding is suddenly called off. Even if Jay called off the wedding, the fact is he initially wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. There must have an issue that made him think twice. But using the word dump is not appropriate. A guy in the 11th grade dumps his girlfriend to be with another girl. Calling off a wedding is not dumping.

1123 days ago



1123 days ago


Lisa 20 minutes ago
"Calling off a wedding is not dumping."

She got dumped, theres no alternative way of saying it. Its relative to the situation. She was with someone, she's no longer with that person, thus she was dumped.

1123 days ago

some guy    

I think Jay really enjoyed banging Kristin. He liked it so much he proposed.

But, as time marched on, Jay's lust subsided, and he realized he was talking to a vacuous twit that had nothing in common with him.

I think the trigger that caused Jay to call off the wedding was the fashion show. He looked pissed off and bored in that pic. Was only a matter of time.

Hindsight... it's a helluva drug.

1123 days ago
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