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Speaker of the House Triggers Lindsay Lawsuit

7/26/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been sued by a guy who sold her speakers and installed audio and video equipment in her Venice house -- the good news ... she can't go to jail over this.


Stephen Clark alleges in his small claims court lawsuit ... he installed the equipment, along with remote programming, but she stiffed him.

Clark says he installed the equipment in June -- while she was under house arrest in the shoplifting case.  He's also suing for missed work -- we're guessing for the time it takes to go to court.

Clark claims Lindsay owes him $1,180.

Lindsay could not be reached for comment, probably because she didn't hear the phone because her stereo is too loud.


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Gee, when I have people do work in my house, they demand payment THAT SAME DAY or they do not show up to do the work. Why would anyone trust her to pay up, anyway? She probably thinks that if someone brings it to your house, it's free.

1188 days ago


It's only been a month, so it's really not that LATE!!! Still anyone that does business with her, well you take that gamble, will she pay or won't she. It's a big gamble. I'd have to have her pay up front!

1188 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Thats nice.

1188 days ago


What kind of crap did she get for $1180 INSTALLED? The system on my deck cost more. She probably got a Bose wave radio and a universal remote LOL.

1188 days ago


Get paid upfront with LoHo and her family!

1188 days ago


Why does she always think everything is free? She is a psycho! Wish she would start partying again, makes her much more interesting.

1188 days ago


CoolPhosphorescentShimmer - Right?? I bet her dealer doesn't take any IOU from her, why would anyone else?

1188 days ago

the booger bunch    

it is all so boogered up.

1188 days ago


jeez people need to stop sueing her!! damn Americans!

1188 days ago


I don't believe this story at all. Why would anyone do business with Lindsay Lohan on credit knowing that she was convicted of theft? that's stupid. Second, she is barely 30 days past due in paying and no court if going to touch the delinquent account until the vendor has tried every means possible to get his money back. IF true, she is a user and shold have paid the same day as installation.

1188 days ago


I used to defend her but I'm sick of feeling dumb time after time when she shows up in the media again. For those who are saying "its not that late, it's only one month late." What if your employer said that to you on pay day? Some people depend on a check and when you do work and you show up for work like they ask of you, they assume you will give them enough respect to pay them for their services/time. Lindsay only cares about money and fame. She doesn't care about anything else. She could care less about her fans. She's all about her. I love that she has money to pay for speakers (or you would think since she ordered them) but she doesn't have money for a doctor to get her head fixed like she claimed in court last week? She isn't trying to get herself straight. She thinks that's a waste of money and laughs it off. She rather gets speakers then help. All Lindsay is trying to do is stay below the media radar so she can try and catch a d-list movie that will pay her 100,000 so she can support that shopping habit she has. I used to be the strongest defender of her. I finally see through her and see what her priorities are. She had an opportunity at a good life that others with that same talent or better would kill for and she snorted it all away.

1188 days ago


Rogue Warrior "out to get paid"???? Ummm, yeah, she needs to "pay" him what she "OWES" him. Amazing that you can't quite grasp that concept any more than Lindsay does. How many debt collectors are chasing you down at the moment?

1188 days ago

the booger bunch    

she is one sick little booger.

1188 days ago


Guess what? If you do business with this PoS then you stand the chance of not getting your money. Do I feel sorry for him? NO WAY IN THE HOT PLACE! You deal with loserhan, you deal with the consequences.

1188 days ago


Didn't this guy know that Blohan was above the law?

1188 days ago
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