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Speaker of the House Triggers Lindsay Lawsuit

7/26/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been sued by a guy who sold her speakers and installed audio and video equipment in her Venice house -- the good news ... she can't go to jail over this.


Stephen Clark alleges in his small claims court lawsuit ... he installed the equipment, along with remote programming, but she stiffed him.

Clark says he installed the equipment in June -- while she was under house arrest in the shoplifting case.  He's also suing for missed work -- we're guessing for the time it takes to go to court.

Clark claims Lindsay owes him $1,180.

Lindsay could not be reached for comment, probably because she didn't hear the phone because her stereo is too loud.


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Ghost Rider    

Screw Wall-Mart!!! The last thing we need is Wall-Mart running the world, with there TV screens all over with Janet Ms ugly mug telling us "If we see something, say something"? Sure run this country like a company where almost EVERYBODY hates there life and there job?! Screw all that!!! Forget about circulating that crap around NOW!

1153 days ago


All I can say, is Walmart better not have any CONES around when Liho goes there! She'll have to order them to Move That Cone!

1153 days ago

Ghost Rider    

D, It was the Hardrock Hotel heir, I remember reading that in the Rolling Stone sometime back before Sam, and after that 70s show guy.

1153 days ago



Lindsay is still listed as playing Kim Gotti on IMDB. Don't forget we had this speculation a few months ago and Mark Fiore said publicily Lindsay was definitely in the movie.

1153 days ago


Wow, that is interesting jeebus! Not one mention of Lindsay in a press release? Yet they mention Kelly Preston, who signed on AFTER Lindsay. Hmmmm... I hope it's not true, just because I think this is her only hope of resurrecting her career. If her friends (Fiore & Gotti) won't hire her, why would anyone else?

1153 days ago



That was a joke lol it was a tongue in cheek comment from the writer LMAO! I can't believe you took that seriously

1153 days ago

Ghost Rider    

D 3 minutes ago

All I can say, is Walmart better not have any CONES around when Liho goes there! She'll have to order them to Move That Cone!

LMFAO!!! Then we can report her for something to the department of homeland security like the telepromter says to do.

1153 days ago



Go look at the press release. It's put out by Fiore films.

IMDB takes a while to update. Someone has to enter the change to IMDB, and then their sources have to check it out to be sure it's true before it's updated. Anyone can request to have something listed. But they have fact checkers before they publi*****. So, someone has to ask for it to be removed before it is.

1153 days ago

Ghost Rider    

messenger, having grown up watching the Twilight Zone, and reading Ray Bradbury I can see something like that actually happening. lol. Our politicians using a company like Wall- Mart to take over the world doesnt sound that far fetched if you really think about it. You shut everything else in the world down, and you have the perfect prison planet. Thats how the elite would control the food and water supply along with us.

1153 days ago

who cares    

Is it time for a TMZ Move That Cone video game?

1153 days ago


Walmart greeter: "Good morning"

Liho: "Don't talk to me! I'm Lindsey Lohan! MOVE THAT CART!"

1153 days ago

Ghost Rider    

"You cant make fun of me, Im Lindsay Lohan! MOVE THAT CONE!!!

1153 days ago

some guy    

@Izzy & AA Ali

What are you all wearing

1153 days ago


@ messenger
Doesnt matter, still makes her look bad..When someones father comes out and says NO NO NO this is not true, its just like when Harry said he was embarrassed he even dated her

You would not understand this because you have NO class or shame

Whither male or female, NO parent would want their child getting involved with Lindsay or her family
Who in their right mind would want to be abused mentally or physical by her, her temper is out of control

Like the Ronsons said she is a NUT JOB! There are plenty of videos on youtube Lindsay out of control all hours of the night, she will never change

1153 days ago


where is red cloud and his preaching about Gotti film.

and thats all the rock talks about.

gotti gotti gotti gone

but not to worry Red clod you can still sit home and watch parent trap 10 hours a day.

lindsay is now facing Karma.
all her stunts are biting her on her crusty A$$.

even no name mags. cant stand her. (plum
italian vanity fair)

emma stone is doing better as a growing actress then lindsay ever did

1153 days ago
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