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Morgan Freeman: Conservatives STOLE My Voice!!!

7/26/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might sound a heck of a lot like Morgan Freeman -- but the actor is adamant ... he did NOT lend his soothing voice to a dramatic right-wing ad campaign in Wisconsin.

The ad -- paid for a group called "Citizens for a Strong America" -- blasts Democrat Shelly Moore in the race leading up to the Wisconsin Senate recall elections ... and if you close your eyes, it almost sounds like a scene from "Shawshank Redemption."

But Morgan's rep tells us, it ain't the actor's voice -- "A political ad running in Wisconsin by a conservative group narrated by someone trying to sound like Morgan Freeman was not narrated by Mr. Freeman. Morgan Freeman did NOT narrate that ad."

It's not the first time Morgan's voice has been co-opted in Wisconsin either -- back in 2010, Gov. Scott Walker also ran a political ad using a voice that sounded suspiciously like the actor.

Calls to Citizens for a Strong America weren't returned.


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Morgan Freeman is the new Kim Kardashian!

1187 days ago


Do you mean no one in the world is allowed to sound anything like Freeman or it's infringement? How the hell do you register or copyright a VOICE?

Is that anything like the show-biz ego that says no one is supposed to be named Lindsey?

1187 days ago


Conservatives think they can take whatever they want. Remember the campaign songs McCain and Palin stole? Unfortunately, while they take what they want, they don't seem to want anyone else to have anything, as evidenced by their politics.

1187 days ago


Uh, "Love my fans", your information is incorrect. GE, not their CEO, made $14 billion in PROFITS in 2010 and paid no income tax. Regardless, it's one of the things that we need to address: closing the loopholes & endless deductions that corporations use to pay little or no taxes. We have a treasury income problem; we can either make sure everyone pays what they're supposed to, or we can raise taxes. I prefer that everyone pays their fair share, including corporations.

As for conservative politicians & groups hijacking things for their own use, it's not surprising. Politicians hijack songs all the time, to use in their campaigns. Sarah palin used "Barracuda" from Heart without their permission; they had to go to court to end her illegal use of their song. Same thing with Ronald Reagan & "Born in the USA". Same thing with Michele Bachmann & Tom Petty's "American Girl". Apparently, conservative politicians have little concern for stealing people's intellectual property; no wonder people don't trust them with their tax dollars...

1187 days ago



1187 days ago


love my fans, stick to taking pictures of your cat. You're clearly an idiot, who is being brainwashed by the pointless dribble the right puts out. People like you who clearly lack any sort of knowledge and jus*****ches Faux News are the reason I have no hope for our country. Obama is fought on every single thing he does. Why did bush get the debt ceiling raised 4 times without a problem? The right is all about propaganda. "we're here to have an adult conversation" Oh you mean the type of adult conversation where you tell the child you are right cause you're the parent even though all the evidence disproves your world destroying and ignorant views? Or how about the "we wont give the white house a blank check". oh, you mean a blank check to cover debts Congress has already received on top of the TWO wars the REPUBLICAN president started. I hope you're a billionaire or a millionaire. Cause if not, you are continually voting against your Interests. Stick to commenting on things you know about like how Jay Cutlers new gf is like house cat. you ******* idiot.

"Tiger's new house in Jupiter is right down the street from me. He docks his yacht about twenty minutes south. He's actually a very nice person"

1187 days ago


Every election cycle we hear of a bunch of campaigns using songs without permission or compensation. Or using sound-alikes to try to deceive voters.

But have you noticed it is ALWAYS republicans that do this? Always. Now I am sure there are democrats who also try it -- either out of ignorance or sneakiness or just plain 'don't care-edness' but they are always stopped before they actually air. Republicans, conversely, won't pull the ad even when it is proven they stole it unless a lawsuit is filed.

1187 days ago


No, $250 thou net for a business is bull,BTW.It's a lot more[without creative accounting].Small business in the US is being decimated.
Harvey & his TMZ empire prob paid less tax ,than our Pharmacy,that employed 15,and kept our small community going.

What's wrong with that picture?
I am/was an Obama supporter.

He needs to grow some balls.
Armageddon is comming to the US.I am very scared.

1187 days ago


Unless all u are making "Harvey"$$$$$ you are gonna be in the new "Hoovertowns".

Look it up, you ignorant fools.
Time to stop folling TMZ, & star*****ching the news.[Not FAUX/FOX,either]

1187 days ago


Actually, Obama considers anyone with a job to be "rich".

He is going to get rid of all the rich people.

1187 days ago


Hey Free-man why don't you go get another DWI with your whore in the car.

1187 days ago


That sounds nothing like Freeman, it's more like a black man in the 50's.

1187 days ago


I couldn't believe what I was hearing last night when Obama was talking. Democrats ALWAYS want to point out the problems but NEVER offer solutions. Hey Obama, you are the man in charge. Act like it.
When he ran for president, his platform was about financial strength got the US. McCain was for strength of the army in other countries. Plus McCain flat out said that he will NOT give money to countries that do not like us. With that being said, the people voted Obama in. Now he comes on tv and says the US is going bankrupt and he doesn't know what will be done about it. Wow. Good looking out for the American people who voted you in.

1187 days ago


Conservatives just don't want to sound like the "all white" heterosexual rich that they are. They use a sound-a-like as if they are an all inclusive organization, which they aren't.

1187 days ago


Is Morgan's carreer so saggy that he has to come up with something so lame. Who's a voice ding dong.

1187 days ago
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