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TMZ Live: Are Jocks Dumber than Regular Folk?

7/26/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're not ready to say athletes are dumber than your average bear, but we were shocked at the  "Wonderlic Test" players took  ... and how poorly they performed.  Plus, networks are fighting over Anthony family interviews -- so who's worse ... the networks or the family?



(0:00) We're going three deep today -- our resident sports/politics junkie Brian McDaniel joins the fray.
(5:25) Do you have to be smarter to be a quarterback?
(8:00) The "Wonderlic Test" -- given to NFL prospects -- is impossibly ... EASY. Seriously, YOU GOTTA HEAR some of these questions.
(12:20) What are the average scores for different NFL positions?
(14:05) Gary takes SERIOUS issue with the lineman bashing.
(21:20) Jason -- our lawyer -- played college baseball ... and he turned out fine.
(26:45) A rare moment in TMZ Live history ... it's time to talk politics. Harvey plays the part of POTUS and recaps Obama's speech last night.
(28:45) Time to rip apart Obama's AND Boehner's speeches.
(30:10) Brian says ... it's all Grover Norquist's fault! Burn!
(40:30) Networks are FIGHTING over interviews with Casey Anthony and her parents. Plus, ABC's shocking statement.
(55:00) Are the Anthonys trying to profit off Caylee's death ... or just trying to pay off all those lawyer fees?
(56:02) Bold statement ... one caller said he'd miss a NASCAR race in order to boycott a Casey Anthony interview.


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Good day all.

1131 days ago

"E.V." of Temple Terrace, Florida    

Gene Simmons, technically the show is sooooo scripted. I think it jumped the shark when they both got plastic surgery. The whole thing has really become stupid.

1131 days ago


At least we have picture today!

1131 days ago


where can we find the image?

1131 days ago

Tim Dressel    

Harvey, your white shirts are almost as iconic as Steve Jobs' black turtle necks. I love how your teeth are whiter than your shirt. Nothing wrong with that, very Hollywood!

1131 days ago

some guy    

Football is war. Coaches are generals and QBs are the field marshals.

1131 days ago

some guy    


1131 days ago

some guy    


Which is harder? college courses when you're gonna be a pro athlete or this test?

1131 days ago


I think in the long past, they were not required to worry about education because the U>S> was not as education orientated. ut In todays times intelligence and education are expected more based on such advancement in technology. Look how retired atheletes have turned to being commentators. once the game is over they need to be able to have a money making career. They

1131 days ago


There is a time limit on that test.

1131 days ago


guys, the o-line call out audibles and the positions of where the D-line and LB.The QB changes the play according to what they say AND what the QB see's, this is coming from an o-linemen

1131 days ago


I love TMZ!!.. I love how u guys are so funny and keep me up to date on my celebs, cause i have no life and spend all day on TMZ at work.. hehe shhh =p

1131 days ago

some guy    

Hmm... sounds like a blue collar guy would do better at this test than white collar guys.

1131 days ago


no one is interested in gene simmons no matter how much his publicist pushes tmz to advertise this show..the guy is an absolute piece of cr@p who will say what ever it takes to get some publicity..please stop encouraging this idiot

1131 days ago

some guy    

Eh... who cares. Not like the NFL's gonna come up with the cure for cancer.

1131 days ago
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