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TMZ Live: Are Jocks Dumber than Regular Folk?

7/26/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're not ready to say athletes are dumber than your average bear, but we were shocked at the  "Wonderlic Test" players took  ... and how poorly they performed.  Plus, networks are fighting over Anthony family interviews -- so who's worse ... the networks or the family?



(0:00) We're going three deep today -- our resident sports/politics junkie Brian McDaniel joins the fray.
(5:25) Do you have to be smarter to be a quarterback?
(8:00) The "Wonderlic Test" -- given to NFL prospects -- is impossibly ... EASY. Seriously, YOU GOTTA HEAR some of these questions.
(12:20) What are the average scores for different NFL positions?
(14:05) Gary takes SERIOUS issue with the lineman bashing.
(21:20) Jason -- our lawyer -- played college baseball ... and he turned out fine.
(26:45) A rare moment in TMZ Live history ... it's time to talk politics. Harvey plays the part of POTUS and recaps Obama's speech last night.
(28:45) Time to rip apart Obama's AND Boehner's speeches.
(30:10) Brian says ... it's all Grover Norquist's fault! Burn!
(40:30) Networks are FIGHTING over interviews with Casey Anthony and her parents. Plus, ABC's shocking statement.
(55:00) Are the Anthonys trying to profit off Caylee's death ... or just trying to pay off all those lawyer fees?
(56:02) Bold statement ... one caller said he'd miss a NASCAR race in order to boycott a Casey Anthony interview.


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More smarter? Come on! If your going to bash them, use proper grammar.

1152 days ago

Flying Blind    

2 things

1. harvey you need to listen to the guy in the green shirt as you're missing a couple items in the background on the Debt deal. he was trying to explain it to you today, but you know .........

2. i also think TMZ Live was better before cause the people asking questions on are a little sharper than the phone in bunch for the most part.

1152 days ago


I don't think they started out being dumb, but I do think after a time of being banged in the head, they may get that way

1152 days ago

right straight    

Non athletes would like to think so

1151 days ago



you really blew it today.

1) Comparing TMZ to the federal government was ridiculously lame. As someone who studied law (and knows the complexities of government), you know that its nothing like running a TV/website business. You have a staff of, what, a couple hundred? Changes to TMZ policy only have to be approved by you and maybe three or four network executives....please, that analogy was dangerous and ill-informed. Now you're gonna to have the TMZ sheeple trying to use that argument.

2) I find it ironic that TMZ has been on the case of NBC,ABC and CBS - calling them unethical. Meanwhile, the station your show is on, FOX, ya know, Rupert Murdoch's about unethical. More than that, why don't you fess up, show some ethics, and admit you're subtly shilling for the respublican party? Could it be becuase you obviously make more than $1 million a year and don't want to pay more taxes? Or you've been given marching orders by fox execs? Look, no shame in being a Republican, but don't talk for days about ethics and then slink back behind your party's talking points, under the guise of "not agreeing with anyone." You know what was interesting, you repeatedly refered to Obama by name, but didn't use Boehner's name once...a subtle marketing technique.

3) Charles, I have this fantasy of you finding a great new job, not telling harvey, and dramatically quitting (and telling the little terd off) on TMZ live...

1151 days ago


I do not care this. they are heroes when they are on their feild. Want to know more information about these conect to

1151 days ago


I`m pretty sure jocks are smarter than TMZ staff.

1151 days ago


i would be interested to see how the TMZ staff does on the Wonderlic Test

1151 days ago


Why is everyone pronouncing Boehner's name Bay-ner, when even an American child knows it's pronounced Bo-ner (Boe ner)? There is no way an "A" sound can come out of that name. In fact, who ever heard of that name? Where'd it come from? Have fun :>)

1150 days ago
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