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Cops to Jeezy: Your FERRARI Isn't Flashy Enough!

7/27/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

FERRARI ADVICE: When you roll around town in a $192k car ... people notice -- especially POLICE who claim rapper Young Jeezy failed to signal while changing lanes in ATL this weekend.

TMZ obtained photos of Jeezy talking with Atlanta police officers around 8:00 PM Sunday evening ... after cops pulled over the rapper's super-customized 2011 Ferrari California.

We're told 3 officers in 2 squad cars handled the situation -- and Jeezy was eventually allowed to drive off after receiving his ticket.

Jeezy's citation will cost him somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 ... but based on his ride, we're guessing he can afford it.

We called Jeezy's reps for comment -- so far, no response.


No Avatar


the first words of this article should be...
Black Gangsta Looking Man Driving a Ferrari Advice.

1129 days ago

Real n the field    

here we go again!!!!..
This goes to show you, white boys(cops) are HATERS!!
The cannot stand to see a brotha having anything nice, or enjoyiing
New statistics are out, and it showes, whites are 20 times better off than
blacks, and 18% more than hispanics.
They own the whole god*amn country, live in the best of the best communities,
drive fancy cars 100x more than blacks, and still get hot under the collar when
they see "1" blackman driving a nice car.
Fyi. anytime this happens, get the officers name, and file an harrassment against
them for "racial profiling". So if those officers ever do something stupid, like shoot
a brother in the back thats handcuffed, like that stupid po po in oakland did, there
is do***entation, of previous harrassment cases filed against the officer/oficers.
They got the power with the guns, you got the power with the pen!

1129 days ago


It does not take 3 officers and 2 squad cars to handle a citation for not signaling. I find drivers who don't signal to be a major annoyance, but would I really give one a ticket? No. There had to have been another reason for the major amount of attention.

1129 days ago


I agree with everyone here! i've switched lanes without my turn signal in front of cops more than once and not once was I pulled over. I believe this is DWB! I hope he fights the ticket.

1129 days ago


The only thing missing was the bomb squad smh

1129 days ago


It's a shame the music industry is in such trouble or this tremendous talent could have made some real money.

1129 days ago


I bet he did use his turn signal. His word against their and a reason to pull him over because they suspect he has warrants, drugs or was a possible DUI........FAILED

1129 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

What a waste of tax money. Two squad cars and three officers? Are they incompetent? One would have been enough and they didn't need to take the time to get him out of the car. Idiots.

1129 days ago

Mr. Observant    

IN the pictures it seems to me like they were just talking and laughing....cops looked really relaxed

1129 days ago

Politico Pablo    

It's pretty obvious they pulled him over because of the car, and who was driving it. How many people signal to change lanes?

1129 days ago


Do you know how hard it is to signal? There I just did it; I moved my index finger one inch (.0005 seconds).

Failure to signal, failure to stop completely at a stop sign, any violation of the motor vehicle code -- then yes, you should get a ticket. Anyone, regardless if you're n*gger rich, or not.

Innocent people get killed senselessly every day because some lazy motherf*cker didn't signal their intent.

@Darisa, you should be ashamed of yourself. Being married to a cop you should at least give other cops the benefit of the doubt before claiming "it's a racist thing." This was a clear violation that everyone should get a ticket for. "Best thing they can do is rip up the citation..?" I can tell blacks stick together more than cops do in your family.

1129 days ago


Appears to be "racial profiling" the driver in relationship to the Ferrari he was driving that didn't equate.

1129 days ago


That Ferrari Califorina looks like ****. People who do this to a ferrai need to be pulled over and told so.

1129 days ago


Why did you remove **** everyone does it.

1129 days ago


More proof that these guys don't deserve these cars.
They should all be driving Yugos.

1129 days ago
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