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Bam Hospitalized

After 'Tackling' His Neighbor

7/27/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is currently laid up in a hospital bed ... and may have broken several bones ... after he fell down the stairs while "tackling" his neighbor ... TMZ has learned.

Margera says he was racing his neighbor up a set of stairs ... and promised the guy he could have one of Bam's skateboards if he won -- but, "Somehow I wound up tumbling down the stairs."

Bam explains, "I tackled my neighbor and fell down the stairs horsing around. I’m still in the hospital."

Bam says he's still unsure about the extent of his injuries -- but he may have broken his arm and several ribs.


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Why is everyone hating on Bam? He's not acting like a 12 yr old, he'd living his life to the max, and you can't do that without putting your body on the line... also, a few broken ribs and an arm is nothing compared to what other injuries Bam has had

1186 days ago


this reminds me of the michael lohan hospital pics. keeps me laughing : )

1186 days ago


The way I see it, yes they live wreckless lives. But they ARE living life and thriving while the rest of you sit back and judge on your bums. The "lost intelligence" is when you put other people down instead of building them up. If you don't like Bam, you shouldn't have read the article.

1186 days ago


Wow U Guys r frickin dumb if u dont like him then dont look at stuff bout him, hes my hero he does stuff he wants to do to go through life having fun stead of doin stuff he hates like most people do there whole damn life!! go talk **** bout someone else. world would b better if people were nice n didnt talk bout others.

1186 days ago


I certainly don't want any harm to come to this young man, but the truth would be nice - he's not in the hospital, according to the table, he's in a regular doctor's office. And the leads he's hooked up to, well, doesn't exactly look as if they are in the correct place.

1186 days ago

travis arrendale    

this was actually a week or two old cuz bam was talking about it on radio bam a week or two ago. ya he kinda dows need to start taking life a lil more seriously but basically if he grows up he loses his job. i remember back in the cky days where they werent getting paid to do anything they were doing it just to have fun

1186 days ago


give the guy a break, he just lost his bestfriend and hes obviously not taking it well, its his life and he does what he wants with it, it doesnt change my life or yours so stfu all you haters, bam is an amazing guy with a big heart and yes has a lot of issues but he did nothing to you and no body deserves to die, so give the guy a break and focus on other **** that really matters cuz bam doesn't give a **** what you people think so dont even try to insult him cuz it wont work, and if his marriage failed its his problem and 52% of most marriages dont last so go try and see how of an awesome job you'll do,

1186 days ago


i feel sorry for u cuz obviously u cnt let go n have some fun ur jst a stuck up B**** who should take there **** talking else were u **** talkin ***gy lil B*****

1186 days ago


Lol whats with the hate I find that hilariously stupid so what if hes racing upstairs he was just having fun

1186 days ago


will u ppl just leve him alone da guy lost his best frend just ova a month ago nd he was havin a bit of fun nd he get hurt all da time doin jackass i am only 15 nd i hav seen most of da stuff he has don nd i bet alot of u ppl would lov 2 hav a job tat u get payed 2 prank ppl act like a idiot nd do wat u want so just lay off him

1186 days ago


So this is what Bam's doing to keep himself entertained these days, doing hard drugs, drinking, and racing up stairs? I guess life starts to get boring after 30 years of living like a 9 year old! No wonder this guy couldn't even finish high school!

1186 days ago


Get well soon, Bam!
<3 <3 <3

1186 days ago


OMG!!! I LUV bam so much!!! Hope hes ok and person that said please die ure the one that should die stupid. :P

1186 days ago

brady gammon    

jen? loser. aquanet? jealous because you dont get to have fun anymore. really?????<--my question mark. why are you even commenting? and everybody else wishin for a guy to die who has never done anything to deserve it. SUCK MY BALLS!!!!

1186 days ago


fell better soon...........

1186 days ago
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