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Casey Anthony



7/28/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony hit the bottle minutes after being released from jail ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ has seen video of Casey getting off a private jet in Florida, hours after she ended her stint behind bars. The video shows Casey holding a half-empty Corona beer bottle.

Casey is smiling as she deplanes. Her former lawyer, Todd Macaluso, is also on board. At one point Casey is heard saying, "I concur" -- a little legalese she probably picked up from her legal team.

Laughter erupts as someone screams, "De Plane, De Plane."

The video is being shopped around by Casey's people, along with anything else that isn't nailed down.


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sloppy seconds    

lmfao! hahahahahaha!!!!

1151 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

yeah Casey, keep your head up HIGH enough to put a rope around it! Justice system? I'll let you discuss it with my ex, who was a judge. And as Harvey would tell you, just because they didn't find her guilty, due to certain evidence they were not privy to, doesn't mean she didn't do it. Listen to the jurors that were on that trial.

1151 days ago


What the baby killer only got beer? The day of the verdict the lawyers celebrated with champagne.

1151 days ago


Good for her. A jury of her peers, who HAD NOT been influenced by CONSTANT media hyperbole, found her NOT GUILTY. It wasn't even a hung jury. It's not like 10 people found her guilty while two voted innocent. All 12 jurors were presented with solid evidence, not emotional inflammatory nonsense and voted not guilty. I have one word for you people: PROPAGANDA. Do you think the Germans are evil people? Of course not. Then how does someone like Hitler ever come to power? PROPAGANDA. When you hear something every day, all day, it becomes your reality, your facts. The hyperbole is aimed at your baser instincts and brings out the very, very worst in people.

1151 days ago


This 'thing' is NOT A CELEBRITY. I am offended at the amount of coverage it's receiving. This disgusting 'lady' is being glorified for, at the VERY least, disposing of its beautiful baby as if she were trash. Not another minute should be spent on this, and no money should be wasted paying for video, pictures, interviews, etc. WHY must the stories continue???????? I'm sure Casey is loving the attention and feels like a celebrity. Makes me sick. If coverage continues, I plan to never visit this site again.

1151 days ago


I don't like beer, prefer red wine

1151 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

She makes me SICK, & Angry. How can she ONLY have feelings for Hersolf? Karma is coming for that witch. And Karma is a Mean-Stalking B*TCH. Enjoy your "Bella Vida" cuz it WILL be over SOON.
I hope you get "Everything You have coming to YOU" I can wait to hear how this ENDS (SOON 2 Plz!)

Also will BOYCOTT absolutely ANTHING she's on. Whatever Network, 'journalist', Syndicated program - ANYTHING! Then the SPONSORS of the BLOOD Money providers will feel JUST as much heat.
I PROMISE I am NOT alone with this. Our numbers are HUGE, and our Voices are LOUD - We the People are speaking for Baby Caylee now, since her entire family seem to have forgotten WHO the Real Victim was in this - ITS CAYLEE.
THe BOYCOTT is real - DONT Under-Estimate OUR conviction to NOT support anyone/anything that makes THIS evil woman into the Pseudo-Celeb, she is NOT Famous, shes INFAMOUS - BIG Difference, she is despized, untruthful, self-centered, narcisistic, self-absorbed, SPILED BRAT. Who got away with MURDERING a 2 yr old BABY due to her OWN selfishness, & vindictive nature, now SHE thinks shes FOOLED the world. She fooled 12 ppl, and a handful of Jackasses.
Boycott, Boycott, Boycott, Boycott, Boycott, Boycott, Boycott, Boycott, Boycott, Boycott, Boycott, Boycott.
Let her struggle, and disappear.
Hope it takes 31 days to report, and 6 months to find how it ends AGAIN! No pity, nor interest in hearing ANYTHING more.
ALL info is PUBLIC RECORD, depos, vids, pics, JAILHOUSE VISITS. Everything. She told her story to her parnets in the visits. Anything she says from thisday forward is LIES, just as the were before.
Plz dont reward this witch for lying, and hiding the body LONG enough. And the cake topper - SHE never did report the baby missing - HER Mother did. If not for her family pinning her down finally, SHE'D probably STILL be going on w her LIFE of LIES.

1151 days ago


We are not interested in Casey Anthony, TMZ!! By the way, I think she's having a fling with her "former" lawyer.

1151 days ago


TMZ, the general public doesn't care for this cold hearted woman. What she does or where she goes is not on our minds. I would rather see another LiLo story, and I HATE LiLo stories. Don't help this lady pay her bar tab by turning her into a celebrity, please. A little girl is being forgotten and disrespected.

1151 days ago


I'm sick of hearing about Casey. The only story I want to read about Casey from TMZ. Is when some one gives her the justice she deserves "DEATH". R.I.P Caylee You sweet angel.

1151 days ago

Good riddance!    

Congrats. You killed your kid coldly, beat the rap, and now it's Miller Time. Livin' the High Life, even when you're a Low Life!

(Or maybe she can do a Corona ad while she hides out from the wrath of the general American public in Mexico! ¡Qué refrescante! )

1151 days ago


TMZ, if you're going to report on a video then you should purchase it. This is very bad faith on your part to view the video and profit from it without paying for it.

1151 days ago


Her baby daughter deserves it.

1151 days ago

Scott Guiher    

Good for you Casey, I would have had more than a beer after going through all the hate and vile comments made by ignorant people. Let her be

1151 days ago


Any media outlet that dares to buy this video or ANY video will be BOYCOTTED them and there sponsors. I hope they think very long and hard n this one.

1151 days ago
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