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Casey Anthony



7/28/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony hit the bottle minutes after being released from jail ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ has seen video of Casey getting off a private jet in Florida, hours after she ended her stint behind bars. The video shows Casey holding a half-empty Corona beer bottle.

Casey is smiling as she deplanes. Her former lawyer, Todd Macaluso, is also on board. At one point Casey is heard saying, "I concur" -- a little legalese she probably picked up from her legal team.

Laughter erupts as someone screams, "De Plane, De Plane."

The video is being shopped around by Casey's people, along with anything else that isn't nailed down.


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The jury found her not guilty, not innocent. No 'real proof'. I think the jury just wanted to go home.

Baez said she want's to go to therapy and the 'interviews' can wait, she want's to rebuild her life.

Baez will get at least 40% of whatever money deal he can get.

1150 days ago


HAHAHAHAHA! You people crack me up...if the media didn't continue to report on Casey, you'd all have no displaced anger and hatred to spew. You love it! You get to denigrate her while boosting your own pious, sel****grandizing egos.

1150 days ago


It makes me laugh when people b*tch about Casey Anthony not being a celebrity. Sad fact is that she IS a celebrity, and all the people commenting (including myself) made her one. Whether it was for a good or bad reason, she is one of the most well known names right now. If TMZ didn't put Casey stories and everyone else did, people would ask why. Just like those people who say they won'*****ch her TV interview. Yeah right, most people will. Eventually it'll fade away but right now this is news, like it or not.

1150 days ago


she tasted her first c*ck in 4 years because I am sure the lying murdering whore got on her knees and blew the lawyer like never before. Too bad the plane didnt crash with them on board and kill them.

1150 days ago


Excellent journalism there.... 2 weeks later, and she had a beer?

The Pulitzer awaits.....

1150 days ago


Maybe I missed soemthing. Who paid for the jet??? Isnt she broke?

1150 days ago


Hell is probably too good of a sentence for these people.

1150 days ago


Who paid for the jet?

1150 days ago


Why TMZ is pimping out this lying child killing piece of sh*t, I just don't understand. Stop promoting this dumb whore, Harvey; she ain't worth it...

1150 days ago


may i say that you all are sad to me out of all this so sadness i never hear calee and i know tmz you are working for us to put out but is anyone ever going to mention caylee evryone wants to talk bull**** about money well i'm just say you all care how much money everyones getting omg sad just saying and p.s i hope rascal flatts never meet grandparents because you wrought it for caylee not anyone else to make money i love song rascal flatts keep it to us not family

1150 days ago

This Just in    

Tmz, I know you are a gossip site and I respect that. Like alot of your fans of the site,we are sick and tired of that nasty stain Casey Anthony!!! Anything you say isnt news worthy about her. We hurt for that little baby girl. It's stuck firmly in the minds of many of how her little life came to tragic end. The Anthony's are horrible people. I will no longer come to your site if you countinue to splash her evil elf looking face. I hope for the memory and Justice for Caylee, everyone follows.

1150 days ago


Don't fret people. If Casey indeed has mental health issues and is guilty, she'll screw up again; just like O.J. Karma never fails. If she is a diabolical murdering genius, this thrill will be too much for her and she will do it again or blab about it. If she is innocent, WE are the monsters.

1150 days ago

Eddie Poirier    

Casey doesn't really matter much anymore, does she?
Lets hope the defense team gets tired of picking up the tab.
Casey is a dirty, no good murderer, and it has been refreshing not to see BOZO BAEZ on TV begging for attention.
When these lawyers lay their heads down on their pillow at night, do they realize they helped a young Mother get away with killing her daughter and destroying her family?
I respect lawyers, but Jose crossed lines some criminals would not. Shame on BAEZ. Your job was to get her off, now get lost and let her rot and take care of herself. You Lawyers are all a bunch of PIMPS

1150 days ago


I thought this site was TMZ??---Thirty Mile Zone. The area within a 30-mile radius from the intersection of West Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles. Is Casey within this area?.....NO!. Does she live in this area? NO!! Please stop reporting about her on your site and focus on posting about what your site is named for.

1150 days ago


Disgusting low lifes, hope CAYLEE comes back to haunt all of them:(

1150 days ago
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