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7/27/2011 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jalen Rose's lawyer is LASHING OUT at the Michigan judge who just sentenced the former NBA star to serve 20 days in jail for his March DUI ... claiming the sentence is an "abuse of discretion."

Attorney Keith Davidson tells TMZ, "The 20-day jail sentence issued today by this Michigan judge is outrageous."

He adds, "Today we saw a horrendous example of judicial temperament and discretion."

Davidson insists Jalen is a "model citizen who has personally donated millions to charity, established inner city charter schools and a medical center in the Congo" and most importantly ... "has NO PRIOR criminal record."

Davidson adds, "[Jalen] was the victim of abuse of discretion; lack of proportionality in sentencing; legislating from the bench & instituting illegal minimum mandatory sentences for DUIs in violation of law. "

"Mr. Rose is examining all of his legal options based on today's events."

Relevant Fun Fact: In Michigan, there's NO minimum jail requirement for first time DUI offenders.

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the booger bunch    

@Josh, no one said racism wasn't real. It is just not a factor in every freaking thing. I experience racism in my job all the time and I am white. I work in a majority black office and I have said good morning to someone and been ignored all because "that person hates white people." So they only hate me because I am white...hummm....very mature. Do you find that acceptable? I have done nothing to them, they only hate me because I am white, that is it. It is okay for them to have that attitude, but if I did the exact same thing, I would be a racist. But I don't blame it on the whole black race, I just consider those people to be ignorant. They are the ones with the issue, not me. So please don't get on your high horse about people should be glad they are white. That statement is so ridiculous. Especially when you have the guy above, B4, that can't wait until we are a minority. Seriously, that is a ridiculous comment. We now have a black President that was highly supported by white people, so the "white*****es blacks" card needs to be laid to rest.

1148 days ago


20 days is a "abuse of discretion." " ??!! ummm no actually its the same exact sentence your average joe would get - i know because its the same exact sentence i received when i got behind the wheel of a 3,000 pound guided DUMB bomb ... I deserved every part of my punishment just like this pin head deserves his JUST EXAMPLE OF JUDICIAL TEMPERAMENT !! When are these people going to own their mistakes and move the F on !! Mr Rose should be using his fame to teach young kids that might idolize him to own their mistakes & accept proper punishment when you break the law !! And while your at it - stop hiding behind your charitable tax write offs every time you celebs get in trouble !

1148 days ago


You drink and drive you do the time. My father had 2 DWI's should have received some jail time and instead got off with probation only on the second one and the other was deferred adjudication. He really never learned a lesson. Maybe some jail time for Mr. Rose will make others think, before they drive.

1148 days ago

the booger bunch    

oh and lohan is a mute issue, she is in a completely different state. each state has different penalities and laws. she is ridiculous, but her case has nothing to do with his.

1148 days ago


What a B**ch, you got off easy because you're a pro athlete, stop whining and do your time

1148 days ago

Made in the D    

Well the funny thing is the judge "Smalls" daughter got a DUI underage and guess what...... SHE GOT NOTHING but 6 months non reporting probation! I live in Michigan and this has been what everyone is talking about this week. How this judge is throwing the book at everyone, accept for for her personal family & Friends! I understand drinking and driving is illegal and should be taken seriously but the laws should be enforced FOR ALL. We all knew yesterday that Jalen would get jail time, it was given to everyone this month that faced her in court.

1148 days ago


I hope there is more of this. Maybe then people, especially a millionaire, will think twice about driving under the influence and get a cab or hire a car.

1148 days ago

gene yuss    

hopefully he's never donated to a sperm bank

1148 days ago


he smelled like muscatel

1148 days ago


he smelled like muscatel

1148 days ago


Golly Mr. Carter, I drink, I gets myself drunk, I drive. And da judge he dun gimme 20 days in da clinker. Dat ain't fair.

Well buddy - bite me. Count your blessings he didn't also deport you to the Congo.

1148 days ago


What is outrageous is the ******* who got behind the wheel drunk. Plain and simple.

1148 days ago


Oh and the word the filter took out was...you know.. that cute little euphanism for bum opening

1148 days ago


The fact that he has "personally donated millions to charity, established inner city charter schools and a medical center in the Congo" and most importantly ... "has NO PRIOR criminal record." wouldn't diddly if he had killed someone. Stop whining and MAN UP.

1148 days ago


He's bitchin about a measly 20 days in jail? He has millions of dollars, it's not like he is going to lose his job. What about all of the parents out there who have lost their children to drunk drivers? Anybody who drinks and drives is a selfish douchebag.

1148 days ago
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