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7/27/2011 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jalen Rose's lawyer is LASHING OUT at the Michigan judge who just sentenced the former NBA star to serve 20 days in jail for his March DUI ... claiming the sentence is an "abuse of discretion."

Attorney Keith Davidson tells TMZ, "The 20-day jail sentence issued today by this Michigan judge is outrageous."

He adds, "Today we saw a horrendous example of judicial temperament and discretion."

Davidson insists Jalen is a "model citizen who has personally donated millions to charity, established inner city charter schools and a medical center in the Congo" and most importantly ... "has NO PRIOR criminal record."

Davidson adds, "[Jalen] was the victim of abuse of discretion; lack of proportionality in sentencing; legislating from the bench & instituting illegal minimum mandatory sentences for DUIs in violation of law. "

"Mr. Rose is examining all of his legal options based on today's events."

Relevant Fun Fact: In Michigan, there's NO minimum jail requirement for first time DUI offenders.

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He is lucky to "only" get 20 in jail. .. DUI should be 3 years in prison.

1183 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

ChuckRock 22 minutes ago
You people are awfully judgmental on here, I guess none of you have ever gotten into a car and driven after having a couple of drinks. You people must be perfect. Yeah, whatever you say. If that were you in the same situation, you would be bitching about 20 days in jail too. So save your breath.
Chuck -- I guess you're someone who has never lost a loved one or friend to a drunk driver. No one is being "judgmental" here, believe me.

Let me tell you what it's like to have a drunk driver murder your family member, a young one at that. You are paralyzed with grief and there is no getting around it. It's like someone turns out the light to your soul and being, because you are never the same again. You are almost as dead inside as that loved one is. There is NO reason that person should be dead -- NONE. Yes, children die every day of disease, accidents, and neglect. But...there is NO reason ANYONE should EVER have to die because some stupid person thought it'd be okay to "have a couple of drinks," as you put it, and get behind a wheel.

YES, there are MANY of us -- the MAJORITY OF US, I'd say -- that DO think before they drink and drive. So all because WE have a conscience, don't think that DUIs are in any way acceptable!

1183 days ago


Mike... the judge DOES send almost everyone to jail on the first offense... It's public record in MI. He actually got a middle of the road sentence from her.

1183 days ago


My brother-in-law, no priors, great guy, on the way home from a church event, even an issues about whether or not he was above the limit after only two glasses of wine. Same judge, same conviction. This judge is known for her tough stance on ALL DUI cases.

Tough way to learn an important lesson but it is the law and drunk driving must be stopped.

1183 days ago

Robert Therrien    

20 days, Now I am pissed off! Anyone getting into a car while under the influence of alcohol know they are more likely to kill someone in an accident than not. Jalen should have been charged with attemted murder of a potential victim for driving under the influence. What if he had killed someone, did he expect a slap on the hand for that too. NO sentence is too harsh when is comes to people who don't give a dam about anyone but themselves and put intetionally put other at risk!

1183 days ago


The judge that sentenced him is known for sending first time offenders to jail. In fact a story about this judge just ran in the local newspaper and attorneys were even saying that they refuse to defend DUI's in her court because they know nothing they do will help.
Based on her track record he got off easy. It sucks but he was the one that drove drunk. Even though research shows this is not the way to stop recidivism it is the judges choice and she acted with in her legal scope.

1183 days ago


Anyone convicted of DUI should serve a minimum of at least one year in prison.

1183 days ago


Perhaps he should have received a key to the city, or maybe an apology from the police for arresting him? His client was STUPID enough to drink and drive, and fortunately he did not hurt or kill anyone, so I'm not sure where his idiot lawyer is coming from with this nonsense that he's some sort of boy scout and should not be punished.

Screw Jalen Rose, and screw his attorney, and screw anyone who drinks and drives. Enjoy the crime, do the time.

I bet the other prisoners will take real good care of old Jalen during his stay (guaranteed he'll never be the same after they get through with him).

Maybe next time he'll kill himself, which would be no great loss to society.

1183 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Yeah, it is outrageous. It's outrageous that anyone today still drives drunk, then on top of that expects to get a paltry 20 days in jail, & probably a bs $1000 fine. That's what is outrageous to me.

Even more, people who continue to drive drunk never want the law applied until one of their loved ones are the victim, then they want to tear up the place getting justice. That's also outrageous to me, as well as amusing.

Consider yourself lucky & STFU.

1183 days ago


I have had 2 relatives killed in alcohol related accidents back in the pre-MADD days. That doesn't make me want to see people thrown in jail for no good reason. The drunk drivers who cause most of the problems are the chronic drinkers who drink a LOT and drive, over and over. Yes, throw them in jail, but not a person who's NOT been drinking heavily. Being arrested and paying fines is quite enough to send a message to these people.

1183 days ago


I see nothing wrong with this sentence. He broke the law and could have killed someone. I think it's about time these judges start putting these people in jail. A DUI is not an innocent crime. How would you feel if he got a slap on the wrist, drove drunk again and killed one of your family members?

1183 days ago


What's that saying? If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. This country is way too soft of DUI offenders. I have no problem with 20 days for a first offense. An awfully lot of people have been killed by drunk drivers who have never been caught. There should be no mercy on first-time offenders. You are putting your life and the lives of everyone else on the road at risk. He should apologize profusely and serve his time and consider himself lucky that he didn't kill someone in that crash and find himself looking at a lot more than 20 days.

1183 days ago

Super Genius    

I love this; did anyone notice the line that Keith Davidson; ONE of his lawyers? How many do you need for a DUI? Why should Jalen Rose be treated any different than Joe the Plumber? Contrary to Mr. Davidson's rant; Jalen rose is not a MODEL citizen or he wouldn't have been arrested for driving drunk would he? I think this is just KARMA; that's what you get when you're a racist; anyone remember when he said on ESPNs 30 for 30 on the Fab5 show that he hated the Duke players because they were White and priveledged. Now Davidson says Rose should have got off scott-free because he's rich. IDIOT

1182 days ago


What a joke. How does volunteering and donating to charity have anything to do with a DUI? In fact, if he doesn't practice what he preaches, all these good deeds seem nothing but a PR scheme.

The man could have killed someone. Maybe even take out a kid he was helping. Eat **** and be grateful that 20 days is all you got instead of vehicular homicide hanging over your head.

1182 days ago


I'm rich and on TV, I'm not suppose to go to jail

1182 days ago
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