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Kat Von D Blasts TV Show:


7/27/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kat Von D says she had a DAMN good reason for walking off "Good Day L.A." this morning -- telling TMZ, she made one reasonable request ... and producers repeatedly BLEW HER OFF.

Kat tells us, she agreed to answer a question about her breakup from Jesse James on one condition -- that the anchor didn't mention the split in his introduction.

But according to Kat, that request was IGNORED -- and as we previously reported, anchor Jeff Michael read out an introduction that highlighted Kat and Jesse's breakup.

Kat says she saw what was on the teleprompter long before Jeff read it -- and even pulled a producer aside to have someone change the script ... but nothing happened.

According to Kat, she "very politely" informed them ... if it wasn't changed, she wouldn't be able to go on. But no one changed squat, so Kat beat it.

Later, during the show, the executive producer went on the air -- explaining Kat's only prior request was not to bring up Sandra Bullock or Michelle McGee ... a request "Good Day" honored.

Nevertheless, Kat adds, "I have no interest in going back on, but I wish them all the best."


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why do I have the feeling shes lying

1129 days ago


Way to go you stupid piece of trash, walked out on an opportunity to promote herself/business.....worthless decision maker.
Now you will have a bad rep with all networks...great career move.

1129 days ago

Dildo T. Baggins    


1129 days ago


This is called a PR stunt to create a fake controversy for their fake tv show.

Stage a walk out and then make a bunch of fabricated stories to keep yourself planted on TMZ. Then all the other fake entertainment sites pick up on it and then tune in to the reality show.

This is the way Hollywood works. Time for consumers to see what is going on. Then decide if you want to be a part of this charade.

1129 days ago

what He said    

I wanted to see this as I have the utmost respect for Kat. I questioned why she would do such an interview with the fickle Jillian who I find interesting to watch as one would watch a trainwreck. Jillian goes with the flow like a packwolf she has no crux of her own. I watched her this am knowing that she does not like Kat and wondered before I left the t.v. set how this was going to go.

Goooooooooooooooood for Kat!!!!

1129 days ago


I have been enjoying Kat VonD on LA ink for a few years now. She should have never gotten mixed up with such a s*** ball, but I am sure she does not deserve to be called such names. He is the sleeze here, not her.

1129 days ago


She says, "I have no interest in going back on". Good! Because I have no interest in what you have to say!

1129 days ago


It will be a GREAT DAY when all the famewhores GO AWAY!!!

1129 days ago


It's Blindside-And-Ambush-City on any show you go on now -
ask Paris - P-Hilton gets blind-sided/ambushed daily.

GOOD DAY L.A. even laughed that Kat Von D walked out -

Thought it funny -

Regretted only that they didn't have footage of the outburst -

Earlier, Jillian had reminded all of us ...

That Jillian had an invite to Kim Kardashian's bachelorette party (yawn) ...

...but being as-big-as-Jillian is she didn't attend (yawn, yawn).

I can take one segment of that show now - one -

Whereas it used to be fun to watch/get dressed to.

It's a show that's bored with itself - this is how they liven things up -

1129 days ago


LMFAO!! First off you people might want to learn to spell before putting down others.Second for those of you that say you don't care and wonder how she got her 15min of fame ...HELLO?? Your commenting your giving get your attention and know a whole lot about her and her life so PEOPLE LIKE YOU GIVES HER FAME!! How stupid can you really be?????

1129 days ago


I'm a bit surprised
because I thought she
had no pride- she
went out with Jesse James
after all. Oh yeah, and look
what she did to her pretty face!

1129 days ago


Michelle, you might want to read your post before you judge other comments. Lol!

1129 days ago


GOOD DAY L.A. has been on too long, doesn't know what to make of itself, is predictable/has aged badly.

Has been running the same segments for 20 years.

- it's dreadful -

- it's forced me to go back to the Channel 5 morning show - at least I don't have to watch Jeff Michaels.

Jeff Michaels is a former anchor no one exactly knows what to do with -

Kat Von D probably would have made a good guest and an interesting guest - maybe they feared she'd be too strong.

Or ridiculed the fact she didn't/doesn't have the juice to make requests or demands of their show.

The Show acts like it's doing you a big favor - so good for Kat.

Took a page from Paris' book - just walk the eff' out. they put him on a a p/t replacement during vacation weeks.

Tell him to act smarmy and sarcastic and to trade quips with the girls - ugh

1129 days ago


Good Day LA is the best morning show, not just in Los Angeles but in the entire world... I will take their side every time!

1129 days ago


Obvious Kat thinks she's far more relevant the she actually is. By this time next year she'll be begging GDLA to bring her back on

1129 days ago
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