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Kat Von D Blasts TV Show:


7/27/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kat Von D says she had a DAMN good reason for walking off "Good Day L.A." this morning -- telling TMZ, she made one reasonable request ... and producers repeatedly BLEW HER OFF.

Kat tells us, she agreed to answer a question about her breakup from Jesse James on one condition -- that the anchor didn't mention the split in his introduction.

But according to Kat, that request was IGNORED -- and as we previously reported, anchor Jeff Michael read out an introduction that highlighted Kat and Jesse's breakup.

Kat says she saw what was on the teleprompter long before Jeff read it -- and even pulled a producer aside to have someone change the script ... but nothing happened.

According to Kat, she "very politely" informed them ... if it wasn't changed, she wouldn't be able to go on. But no one changed squat, so Kat beat it.

Later, during the show, the executive producer went on the air -- explaining Kat's only prior request was not to bring up Sandra Bullock or Michelle McGee ... a request "Good Day" honored.

Nevertheless, Kat adds, "I have no interest in going back on, but I wish them all the best."


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Who cares about her. I found an awsome website in (LA) that can take you to Las Vegas for $85 you guys should check it out. out

1162 days ago

Fries Against    

Crybaby whoooooooore!

1162 days ago


what is wrong with her face? it looks rubber.

1162 days ago


Who cares about this ugly circus freak.

1162 days ago


I dont get her, she has a TV show that airs once a week with the story of how she and Jesse fall in love and that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She has bragged in the past about how great there relationship is and yet she expects no one to ask her about the break up of her "awesome" relationship. Get over yourself. This is all for ratings for her new season set to start tonigh...hmmmm ya think the timing of the breakup has anything to do with the show.

1162 days ago


one day she will wake up in the trailer park and wonder what went wrong..all she makes are bad decisions, and them wonders why shes miserable

1162 days ago


Really!!! She put herself out there to the media. If you're so hurt by the break up, then don't put yourself in that position for all the world to see. Jeez! Those two are scary to look at anyway.

1162 days ago


By some of the comments I see here, some of you are not aware of who Kat is. She is a famous Tattoo artist. She has created tats for many celeb.Kat was on a TV reality show long before Jesse, she is not some groupee, she is a star. That said, Kat and Jesse both have a pretty bad history in matters of love. Sadly Kat also has a history of parading her many loves on her TV show.Generally between the time she tapes an episode and when the episode airs,she has broken up with her flavor of the month. All of these men have been her "soul mate" I bet with in one month she will be back with Jesse or she will be "in love" with Nikki Sixx, again.

1162 days ago


Do these b-listers really think they have fans? Just because your quasi famous for ******* another b-lister is just crazy. Im sick of em both and Im not of fan of Jesses manish looking ex-wife either.

1161 days ago


I really hope Kat doesn't see everybody's rude and ignorant comments on here. You people are obnoxious. And learn the definition of a fame whore. All she's ever wanted to do was stay true to her work. She even wanted clips of Jesse taken out of the show after they broke up. It was TLC who wanted to keep them for ratings. So what if she dated Jesse? Everybody who likes him from now on is automatically a fame whore? I'm not going to claim I know everything about her or label her, because I don't know her, (even though you people don't either and have no problem dissing her) but it really seems to me she isn't in it for the fame. I believe she is a good person. I support her 100% and you guys are pathetic jerks. Team KAT.

1160 days ago


And I lost a lot of respect for Jillian. I used to like her but this was wrong. Who watches that show anyway? THEY are the fame whores. They wanna act like they did nothing wrong.

1160 days ago


You Got it Correct. They Pull this Bull **** and Could Care Less about You or you Wishes. They Can Only Read They Can't Think There DEmocRATS.

1160 days ago


Her 15 minutes are up. Thank god.

1157 days ago


shut your mouth quit crying this is aqll self inflicted , why dont you shut your mouth and tattoo ,maybe youll get lucky again nand meet another jesse james, snot nose , you really are not a role model for young girl tell your story walking

1140 days ago
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