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7/27/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kat Von D walked off the set of "Good Day L.A." this morning ... minutes before she was set to give an interview -- and we're told, it was all because the anchor mentioned her breakup with Jesse James.

Sources on set tell TMZ, Kat was all set to give the interview -- but flipped out when she heard how she was introduced on the show ... and walked out of the building before the interview even started.

During the introduction, "Good Day" aired a clip from Kat's show "L.A. Ink" -- showing Kat getting a tattoo of Jesse James on her side -- and anchor Jeff Michael mentioned she got the tattoo before she and Jesse called it quits.

According to sources, Kat was pissed Michael even brought up her relationship with Jesse ... and stormed out of the building.

 We're told Kat approved the Jesse James tattoo clip from her show -- and even got a heads up from "Good Day" producers that she would be asked about the breakup during the interview.

 It's unclear what exactly went wrong -- but Kat just tweeted, "Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning. Lack of compassion n respect for each other never fails to disappoint me."

 UPDATE: "Good Day" host Jillian Reynoldsjust went OFF on Kat for ditching the interview ... you gotta watch this clip!


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This whole incident stinks like a way to get her name in the news. Since her "reality" show is starting it's new season soon, why do an interview with one show when you can get your name (and probably the date your show starts) on all the entertainment shows and website by walking off. I'd like to think she isn't smart enough to do something like that, but the timing and effects of this act are too coincidental.

1149 days ago


Kat's father is from Argentina and of German descent..
Guess the Nazi connection between her and Jesse wasn't enough!

1149 days ago


crybaby skank

1149 days ago


Those Nutzi's do not like Mexicans...

1149 days ago


she looks like the alien child from the SOAD "Aerials" video...fugly and deformed in the face...and I've been to her shop, her artists are about as skilled as my 5 yr old niece (no offense Em) - real talk

1149 days ago


She's the white chick version of Chris Brown... atleast he had the balls to still give the interview...

1149 days ago


Just because she does tattoo's makes her worth talking too. Geez, It's takes nothing now-a-days to become famous. Oh, yeah, so she was engaged to a guy who was married to a movie star. so what, why, does every nobody become famous and popular for doing nothing . I just don't get it!

1149 days ago


That Jillian chick is a bimbo. I know someone that works with her and she is a total Bi@#h! She even looks like a skank and a half. That show is the biggest piece of trash. I'm not a fan of Kat but she doesn't need that crap from that bimbo. Who really cares about their personal lives anyways? Really? Who cares?

Jillian should go back to the skank hole she crawled out of and get that mole thing taken off her face. SKANK!

1149 days ago


great point man, forgot all about that connection
now its even more evident
shes been on a fox news via hannity a few times and looks completely stupid...she cant find her own azz with both hands

1149 days ago


Yeah Kat, ur being interviewed because ur SO intelligent and interesting. What did U think they were going to ask U about? Wow-NOT an attractive girl either is she? On the compassion side, she seems a little bit slow/not playing with a full deck, which is a litle sad. Still, she's a million times better than that s***bag Pig slime. He's ****... DISGUSTING.

1149 days ago


expecting professionalism out of reynolds and lucey is on kat
they knew wtf they were doing, the wanted to stick her with a JJ jab for sheer ratings...the media has no sympathy/empathy for peoples lives, why would they start now? especially those 2 chimps in a basement jil and dorthy
classless is what the media and journalism has sunk to
ask harvey levin
ch 11 morning news is the sludge and vermin of the morning airwaves in so cal and has been the past 3 years

1149 days ago


Kat is the one who RAN to pubicly date Jesse, knowing his track record. Karma happens to us all. She's being a hypocrite.

1149 days ago


Good for you Jillian... That was well put!!! That woman shouldn't be on t.v. All she is good is for tattoes,that's it! I don't think she is even a celebrity... she is too ugly...

1149 days ago


Can't wait to hear all the crap Jesse is going to spill about her like he did Sandra. This all makes me so happy and I don't know why.

1149 days ago


Hey ya still think a man who cheats is sexy? ya bimbo

1149 days ago
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