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The Pregnant Man



7/27/2011 7:55 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Thomas Beatie Photo
Thomas Beatie -- the former woman turned transgendered pregnant man -- has not only lost all the baby weight that comes from having three children ... he's more CUT UP than an umbilical cord! 

The blonder Beatie showed off his newly buff chest, bis and abs while in the pool with one of his kids in Arizona on Tuesday.

Oh daddy.



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1191 days ago


That is not a man, that is a woman, that had her boobs cut off. She still has all of the working parts of a woman, let's quit calling IT a man, IT is a girl.

1191 days ago

the booger bunch    

Um, he is not a man, he is still a woman that looks like a man. OMG! ridiculous.

1191 days ago


If "he" has a uterus and ovaries then "he" is a "she". THIS IS NOT A PREGNANT MAN YOU MORONS!! STOP SAYING THAT!! "it" is a woman "pretending" to be a man! stop giving this disgrace of a human any more attention!!!

1191 days ago

the booger bunch    

@missy, you got that right!!! I am so tired of them saying she is a man. She is a she that looks like a he.

1191 days ago

some guy    

I hate admitting this, but he/she/it kinda looks like me.


1191 days ago


She probably makes a better looking man then woman, but that still isn't saying much.

1191 days ago


We're having a debate my friends and I...We like to know if people like this who are legally known as a man like Chas Bono for instant, if Chas committed a criminal act and get arrested do the law recognized him as a man or a woman and would he go to a male or female prison? How does that works, anybody who knows the answer, please give?

Are they allowed to switch back and forth like that? Woman legally changed into a man, go back to being a woman just to have a baby, then go back to being a man. Can they say, no see your honor I'm known as a man, but I'm a female, I can have babies, I have to go to a female prison not male?

I say if you are a woman and went and got yourself legally changed into a man even if you still have female organs and get arrested, your arse should go to a man prison regardless. Geez how wrong is that... Chas can walk into a men bathroom with real men while the men are taking a leak and what not? That's like having a man pretending to be a woman walk into a female bathroom or shower room with a bunch of real female's? It's not right! The whole thing is just to sick and twisted imo.

If you're gay, be gay. If you want to be a female or a male, be that too. But it's disgusting and morally wrong to play both when it's convenient for you, that's my opinion. BTW the same applies to a man, don't get a sex change and look like a female and start having babies. Get arrested and tell the judge you are a female and deserve to go to a female prison instead of a male.

I know know, no ones been arrested here and that's not what this article is about. But still, it raises the question. :)

1191 days ago


The level of hate and ignorance on this story blows my mind. It's just so sad.

1191 days ago


I don't have a problem with how others want to live their lives. It's their lives and as long as they aren't hurting others by their choices, I'm find with it.

Want to turn yourself into a man or a woman? Want to be gay or bisexual that's fine by me too. Want to pretend you are a man or legally change into one and still have a baby because you still have female organs, that's fine by me too.

My concern if God forbid if these kind of people get arrested and charged with something. Which prison do they put these kind of people in? LOL

1191 days ago


I wonder if that redness on the arm/shoulder msucle areas is stretch marks from the bulking up? Is she on testosterone AND roiding?

1191 days ago


Oh wait! Just remember... I saw an episode a while ago on L&O SVU where this boy legally turned himself into a woman, killed a guy who was going to out him. Went to court and tried to fight going to a male prison, because even though he looked, dressed and acted like a female, he still had all male organs. Oh but that's just a TV show, wonder how the law sees this in real life with people like Chas Bono? LOL

1191 days ago


I am sure that he(she) has more love, tolerance, respect, and empathy for human beings than all of you ignorant commenters. Those children will be brought up with love in a home that is safe and secure and free from the ignorant hate that you spew. It will be sad when those children go to school and are faced with kids who have parents like the rest of you, that teach them intolerance and bigotry. Way to go ********, you make yourselves look so classy.

1191 days ago


I don't have a problem with that person's lifestyle. But it really bugs me that she insists on being called a man. I fully respect someone's right to have a sex change operation and live as the opposite gender. However, when you literally do the most female thing possible, gestate and give birth to a child, you are a woman.

1191 days ago


This is the most ignorant story, news teams ever focused on! Why the hell would people even give this the time of day?! This was not even a story! This is a woman giving birth...millions have done it before her and millions will do it after her. This is a disturbed person who was born a WOMAN and was so emotionally damaged that they decided to run from who they truly were as God created them. You can hide behind surgeries and facades but you will always be who God created you to be, which is perfect enough. God makes no mistakes!

1191 days ago
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