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The Pregnant Man



7/27/2011 7:55 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Thomas Beatie Photo
Thomas Beatie -- the former woman turned transgendered pregnant man -- has not only lost all the baby weight that comes from having three children ... he's more CUT UP than an umbilical cord! 

The blonder Beatie showed off his newly buff chest, bis and abs while in the pool with one of his kids in Arizona on Tuesday.

Oh daddy.



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Katie Farley    

He is NOT a man. Men cannot have babies. Stop calling him a man!!!!

1183 days ago


people such as AmyBee, Meebo, Kelly & Candis - as appalling as you find some of the comments and underneath it all you believe this couple that they are 'nice' cannot eradicate the fact that most people, white middle-class suburban America does not like this or condone this kind of behavior. i think people get sick of having the gay agenda shoved down America's throat and that we are to condone all kinds of behavior...why?? you think it's okay to be gay and okay to mutilate the body in this fashion...i don't think it's a good idea. most people agree judging by the comments. i don't believe that people should be killed like Matthew Shepard but as with everything, you will have someone that just goes way too far and this person, this thing, is one of those people. didn't want to be a beautiful female, wanted to be a male. but wanted a baby. sure men want children but women have maternal desires. so, which is it? if they really wanted to live a quiet life, i'm sure it could have been persuaded to be a little more 'discreet'.

1183 days ago

Katie Farley    

He is NOT a man. Men cannot have babies. Stop calling him a man!!!!

1183 days ago


If you have a vagina and a uterus and two X chromosomes, YOU'RE NOT A MAN!

The day someone gives birth through a penis, I'll be impressed.

1183 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

I think that it is Bill Mahers baby--Stay Tuned!!!!

1183 days ago


I am a physician, that man is a woman who had a mastectomy and takes a lot of male hormones. A man does not have a uterus, the media is foolish by giving this person all this publicity.
This is a woman who took off her breasts and has facial hair. Men do not have female sex organs or get pregnant.
I have no problem with her having children but stop pretending you are a woman!

1183 days ago


Wow... the comments here are so hateful... incredible. The guy did what he wanted with his own body. The kids have two loving parents. Children are more adaptable and capable than we give them credit for. Every study done supports the fact that the kids will do well.. yet, in a free country we have the sex police who declare someone horrible for manipulating their own hormones. Sure, it's not natural, but neither is living in a house or eating factory raised meat or vegetables.

1183 days ago


Quit calling this a man. ITS NOT A MAN! Men don't have uteruses and cant give birth to children. This is a WOMAN! A very unusual woman. PS I'm offended that you show her bare breasts

1183 days ago


Thank you tmz for showing "it/abomination) just after the dinner. Now I am feeling noxious.

1183 days ago


@ TMP "...It makes you a breast-less, WOMAN."

You got that right!!!
But don't forget, a 'breast-less WOMAN' on MALE hormones!!!

1183 days ago


he man look like a man,but he is not.she is a mentally and spiritually sick human being.makes me want to vomit.

1183 days ago


No matter how hard you try you are not a man. A man can't have a kid. You are a woman that looks like a man.

1183 days ago


im sick of people calling this woman a man..she has a womb..a *******o there for she is a cant have kids.

1183 days ago



1183 days ago


MzReeses - haha i wouldn't call people disgusting with a face like yours. You're one ugly bitch.

1183 days ago
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