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Casey Anthony


7/28/2011 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Anthony
celebrated her freedom by knocking back a Corona -- but we're thinking there are better beers ... for an alleged and acquitted child murderer to drink.

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What is wrong with you TMZ? This woman was acquitted by a jury of her peers....clearly "not guilty" doesn't always means "innocent" BUT acting like an ignorant mob is just as bad! The justice system is NOT there to be used as a tool to dispense vengeance based on personal opinion! And where is your outrage for every other child that is murdered in the USA every year? Clearly this is NOT really about Caylee because if it was you would put effort towards helping the other kids too and not just focusing on this case.

1183 days ago


Are you guys that bored?

1183 days ago


Really Mountaingal? I agree she doesn't need to be treated like a celebrity, but I have no problem with any hounding she gets. She brought it all on herself. There was no justice at all in this case. It was filled with lies and perjury and a beautiful 2 year old girl gone at the hands of her mother. I hope she doesn't make one cent off Caylee's death and I hope no one is stupid enough to actually pay for her lies. We have 3 years worth LOL! Truth is better than fiction.

1183 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

No matter how you look at it in the end this is basically a dead baby joke and its just not funny. Save the jabs for celebrities.

1183 days ago


You know guys, she's she's probably enjoying the attention TMZ is giving her. I hope no one pays her a dime and no knew pics of her should be shown. How about one of those ghost buster circles over her when you do the next picture. Or how about a child's rendering of her instead of the real thing. I think I'm liking the child's rendering of her better.

1183 days ago

the real diva    

noone cares. stop supporting this idiot by posting stories. she killed a sweet child.. now she is off living the party life. what is wrong with society?hopefully when all the hype dies down and she is done using people . people will wise up and get rid of her. leave her on the streets to live the street life... she deserves to have a horrible life.. hope she gets it.

1183 days ago


Don't you think this articles a little childish? immature even? has it gotten this slow around the office TMZ?

1183 days ago


Harvey keeps going on about our trial system. The fact remains that there was arguably more evidence against Tot mom than against Scott Petersen. That idiot Geragos fortunately put Petersen on death row.

The defense spewed a mountain of BS. The jury was a bunch of stupid suckers to buy into the defense considerations. One idiotic jurer thought that the grandfather could have killed Caylee. Oh brother!

1183 days ago


Ha ha the power some people must feel when the click on the like or dislike button.

1183 days ago


Totally tasteless, yet funny.

1183 days ago


What the F*ck is wrong with you people! This is probably one of the most distasteful posts you have ever put on this site. Stick to the facts, TMZ. Or you will be out of business very soon. You people are disgusting. She was acquitted. Get over it.

1183 days ago


she needs to be in a BODYBAG !!!!

1183 days ago


TMZ can do all these picture's and headlines and get the public all wound up and it not cost them anything..people hate Casey and Baez so TMZ just adds fuel to the fire ..and as long as this goes on Baez will never sell a story so he may as well pimp her out to Larry Flint..He's a 3rd. rate Lawyer any way ..well maybe he is Casey's agent now.what a joke..

1183 days ago


MountainGal25 Get a clue. Would you be so calm if this was your kid? NO and Caylee turned into this whole countries child. And no one is going to do a thing to this child killing whore till everything has died down. And she thinks it is safe then someone will get her.

1183 days ago


you people are so ridiculous :) "No matter how you look at it in the end this is basically a dead baby joke" REALLY?? How in the HELLO is this a dead baby joke? A woman, who was found NOT GUILTY, and who was about to be put to DEATH, is freaking celebrating her release from jail. OMG, EVERYBODY GRAB YOUR PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES!!! You know what is really sad? ALL of you are saying, "Let's boycott her, let's no*****ch anything that will give her any money" and YOU are the only ones going to these sites and leaving all these comments. YOU "Casey Haters" are the ones that are so obsessed with her that every time you are online you probably check to see if anything new has popped up about her. Here is a little fact for ya. These types of cases, happen EVERY SINGLE DAY! In a courtroom in your very own town! And guess what else? Some of those defendants are found NOT GUILTY! wow, now there is a shocker for ya. So, grab ur picket signs, pack up your children, and drag them down to your nearest courthouse, and teach ur children how to butt into other peoples lives, and fill their innocent little hearts with all the hate and vile that you have in your own, cuz that is all you are doing. You say that the media has not influenced your opinion of this case? Really? cuz you wouldn't have even known about it if it wasn't for the media. Nancy Grace spewing her hate for this woman has made BANK off you people watching it. It wouldn't even have been that big of a story FOR casey to make money off of if MILLIONS of you weren't tuning in everyday. So, Casey Haters, hate away. But in the end, the only reason she IS a celebrity, is because of you. Trust me, she is thanking you guys every night. Casey, you drink that corona. It's much deserved.

1183 days ago
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