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Casey Anthony


7/28/2011 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Anthony
celebrated her freedom by knocking back a Corona -- but we're thinking there are better beers ... for an alleged and acquitted child murderer to drink.

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Rogue Warrior    

What the first poster on this story said!!! THAT was EPIC! Casey was acquitted now it's time to get paid, sorry bag lady bullies who threatening to boycott anyone associated with her, however they can't get ENOUGH comments in!!! LMAO losers.

1183 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I'm not feeling all the hate for her. Let her start the rest of her life without the wacky-pack beer names.

1183 days ago


I've never met one person in my lifetime that mourned even the loss of a pet by drinking, laughing and having a good time. Hope the judge that postponed CA's deposition till October sees how long it took her to recover. Don't understand how a few people cannot see her for the monster she is. She never has or will mourn for her own baby the way most of the people in this nation have. She's continuing to rub in our faces her celebration for the murder of beautiful precious Caylee.

1183 days ago


TMZ the new format sucks ! So what now we must worry about our comments being ''liked' or "disliked" ? people won't feel free to express their ideas for fear of the mob mentality bullying. Personally i don't really care if someone who i don't know agrees with me or not ! Way to stifle the discussion Harvey , also the new graphics are hard on our eyes and make no sense whatsoever.

About Casey , last weeks psycho , lets move on till she messes herself , and we have no doubt she will. imo

Bye bye TMZ been a real hoot wont be back

1183 days ago


I'm thinking that Terri is really Casey.

1183 days ago


You must be the forperson, a jury member, or Bozo. All you Casey enablers slapped JUSTICE right in the face. And even worse then that, you spit and stomped on an innocent childs grave. Killing babies is NOT ACCEPTABLE in our country. A mountain of evidence was right in front of you. Guess you believe little Caylee put herself in an infested swamp or an ALIEN did. Grow a BRAIN , some common sense, some logic, and learn to add that 1+1=2

1183 days ago


Yep! teri could be Mommy Dearest or Dorothy Simms, even Cindy. Celebrate and Drink all the beer you want to. All the enablers may have won the battle but in the end KARMA will WIN THE WAR. Celebrate while you can.

1183 days ago


tmz your horrible. how can you joke about something so ****** up. she killed her kid. and your going to put humor into it to "lightin the mood" she is not a celebrity she is a child murderer and should not be advertised to give her more profits and fame..

1183 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I will say this: I did no*****ch a minute of her trial, so I'm in no position to say yea or nay on her guilt or innocence. But I will agree that it is pretty sick, TMZ, to be crackin' jokes about Bloodlight and Heinekill. And I'm not a fan of the new like/dislike comment feature. And I'm not a fan of the HUGE headlines and all of that, either. The scene was mature before the re-do. Now it is like trippin' over the toys at the Krazy Kare Daycare.

1183 days ago


nope, none of the above, sorry.

1183 days ago


I'm all for tasteless Casey Anthony jokes, but this is just sad, unfunny and pretty pathetic. Did Lindsay Lohan not get dressed this morning, oh wait THAT would be news to you guys to, along with a flash dress up game.

1183 days ago


Aw how do we like and dislike things?

1183 days ago


This is great, they did this and told about her with out paying 1 cent to that child killer!!!! Keep this up so she knows how much the world hates her!!!!!

1183 days ago


When I read the comment by teri, I thought it was casey too.

1182 days ago


NBC! Grow up. Casey is found non-guilty.You are missing out big time viewership. Get the deal. Sign her up.

1182 days ago
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