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Casey Anthony


7/28/2011 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Anthony
celebrated her freedom by knocking back a Corona -- but we're thinking there are better beers ... for an alleged and acquitted child murderer to drink.

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This cow is going to make millions for murder. This is so wrong.

1152 days ago

john wayne gacy    

why all the fuss over
a little pool party fun ?

1152 days ago


F U TMZ...stop posting a BABY KILLER..your a bunch oa arse wholes to keep this up....

1152 days ago


According to Judge Strickland Casey is supposed to be on Probation and not leave the State of FL. for a year on the ck. fraud case..after being released from jail..I hope the State of FL. throws the book at all of the Defense Team..

1152 days ago


So TMZ staff does not believe in the jury system of finding whether a person is guilty of the charges or not?

I notice that you choices often do not follow common sense.

For instance, I think OJ was guilty as possible on all counts. DNA etc, and tell me, who would try to put on leather gloves with while wearing some sticky tacky rubber gloves and then trying a sham attempt to pull on the leather glove over the rubber gloves, especially when you don't want them to fit.

But all the liberals and blacks wanted him to get off and the black jury did as well. Guess what.....the rest of us lived with the verdict.

TMZ should as well with this Cassie verdict whether the prosecution presented as good case or not.

1152 days ago


Seriously? This is ridiculous. You're mocking the death of a beautiful 2 year old baby girl. I love TMZ, I check it every morning for fun. But I'm sick of the publicity you're giving a child killer. Nothing about this is funny. Shame on you guys.

1152 days ago


Ok, I found that funny. TMZ makes me laugh, and I appreciate that. As far as Casey goes, WILL get hers...eventually. A day I look forward to.

1152 days ago


I'd drink to seeing her lifeless body being pulled from a swimming pool.

1152 days ago

Dyan Raines    

She should not be able to be out drinking beer, she should be in prison for life, or on death row.

1152 days ago


Larry Flynt has offered her $500 K + 10% of all profits generated, just to pose nude in Hustler.

That would be a smart move on her part to get lots of $$ without having to sit for an interview.

1152 days ago


TMZ: You are alright. Casey drinking and celebrating? poor thing, she is still grieving! Hugh Heffner showed class, as playboy has for years. NOW, Hustler is perfect for her-white trash on white trash. First copies go to the jury!

1152 days ago


And for those so upset at TMZ for the Casey coverage, don'*****ch it and your problems will be solved. Whether you like it or not, some of us don't just say "the legal system found her innocent" life goes on? not Caylee's. So we will vent.DON'*****CH IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT-pointing out other unfairness of the world/country won't make a difference. You can worry or do something about them!

1152 days ago

My Little Girls    

First of all... thanks to TMZ the Jose Beaz team lost out of getting a payday. We all know what she looks like laughing and partying so their is no need for video.

Now the sell of Casey's Halloween Mask on E-bay:

What's really ironic about the sell of this mask, Casey and Jose didn't benefit. They can't even get an interview for that amount.
Cindy and George turned down 250,000 thousand for an interview because it wasn't enough money. I bet they are really Hot right about now with the sale of this mask.

I'm wondering how long it will take Jose Beaz to try and find some legal reason why they shouldn't be able to get their cut of the sale. I bet Cindy Anthony is livid for not copying writing the image of Casey... she's done everything else, so the Anthony can profit.

Harry Flint is probably the only game in town in the US. At 1/2 million and 10% of the profit from sales then maybe she could start paying back her legal fees. Harry said, most men would like to see her in her Birthday Suit and most of his readers are men. The only thing, most men have wives and I bet their will be hell to pay should this magazine show up at home.

Who's paying for her partying with Jose, or is he just billing her.

Jose..., Casey was proven Not Guilty but Not Innocent of Murdering Little Caylee, but even the jury and the American people know she's Guilty of the death of her own daughter.

Wonder how that will sell in Europe????­?

1152 days ago

D. Moon    

Not even funny TMZ actually really dumb and childish. Geez get a life she was found not guilty and if there is a video show us instead of spreading a rumor.

1152 days ago


Look Casey Anthony is short,has moles all over her face and body . even Larry Flint said they could do a lot of make up to make her look sexy..there was a hint on Nancy Grace that Cindy and George may file a wrongfful death suit against Casey..Casey needs to be held responsible for Caylees death..

1152 days ago
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