Guess Who This Little Guy Turned Into

7/28/2011 9:46 AM PDT

Guess Who This Little Guy Turned Into!

Before he was a huge Hollywood movie mogul -- he was just another bouncing baby growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Can you guess who it is?

Eddie Cibrian

Strips Down in Bed and Bath

Looks like LeAnn Rimes isn't the only one who loves showing off her body in the relationship -- as husband Eddie Cibrian strips down for a hot new ad campaign!

Following in the sexy footsteps of Jason Lewis and Gabriel Aubry, Cibrian is the latest stud to take it off to promote Charisma bedding.

Photographed in a bed and in a bathtub, Cibrian definitely looks gooood and wife LeAnn approves, tweeting "How hot does my husband look in his new Charisma bedding campaign?!" earlier today.

Summer Stars

Vote For The Best

Beachin' Body!

Check out some beachin' celebrity doppelgangers -- and vote for which star you think owns the look!

Guess Who

These Models

Famous Parents Are!

When two good-looking celebrities have a child, odds are pretty good that their kid is good-looking too.

Can you identify these model's famous parents?

Celebrity Squares

Guess Whose

Mixed Up Face!

Some stars are most famous for a certain body part while others are a package deal -- can you piece the parts together to guess which stars are behind the squares?

Bar Refaeli's Bikini Bod

Hot Damn!

The only thing hotter than the temperatures on the east coast of the United States ... are these photos of Bar Refaeli lounging around in Italy in her bikini.

Be sure to hydrate.

Bald and Beautiful

Are These Stars Better Buzzed?

There's a new trend sweeping the male celeb world this summer: Buzzed heads!

Check out these hunky stars and let us know if you think they look better bald or with a full head of hair!