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U.S. Skier's Heartbreaking 911

"I'm Gonna Kill Myself"

7/28/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jeret Peterson 911 Call
U.S. Olympic
skier Jeret "Speedy" Peterson called 911 moments before he committed suicide Monday ... and while fighting back tears, the 29-year-old told the operator, "I'm going to kill myself."

Peterson then gave his location to the operator and said, "I want police to come get the body." He then hung up the phone.

Cops in Summit County, Utah responded to the spot where Peterson said he would be ... and found the skier's body "obviously deceased from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head."

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Peterson left a suicide note ... but cops are not releasing it to the public.

Peterson was one of the best freestyle skiers in the world. He competed in 3 Olympics for the U.S.  ... winning a silver medal in Vancouver in 2010.

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@ Bophus - since 911 calls are "public" why doesnt the 911 "system" provide a # that everyone can call to listen to calls placed?

1181 days ago


this is some bull ****. cant he get a little bit of privacy! no respect for the dead whatsoever

1180 days ago


I didn't listen but needed to comment. You suck!!!! This is horrible and low. What a terribly sad situation for a family to go through and then to have their sons last moments posted on an ENTERTAINMENT SITE!!! Boo to you!

1180 days ago


I rarely listen to these 911 calls, but I did listen to this one. It was so heartbreaking. I really think 911 calls should be kept private under a law. The public does not need to hear these calls.

1180 days ago

Boba Lola    

Just when I thought TMZ couldn't disappoint me more..........

Thanks for reassuring me you guys are the dry lint off my unwashed toes, b*****.

1180 days ago


I didn't listen to this, but this shouldn't be put up online in any way, shape, or form. Not that anyone care's about losing an occasional tmz visitor...but I wanted to notate this will be my last visit to your site unless emailed that this post was removed.

1180 days ago


I think it is so disrespectful to Jeret and his family that TMZ released this audio to the public. Have some empathy and remove the tape!

1180 days ago


cant believe youd stoop so low as to release this audio. someone needs to lose their job over this!!! i hope the family sues! RIP Jeret.

1180 days ago


Geez, you'd think an Olympic medal winner will have more to live for than the rest of us who don't hold a candle to remotely qualifying in any Olympic event. This is a lesson for us to appreciate what we have in life no matter how little it seems.

1180 days ago


Speaking as someone who has lost a loved one to suicide, and an ex-fan of TMZ,it is very disappointing and hurtful to see that you have posted this on your website. Think of the pain you are causing to this man's family and friends. May I suggest taking the time to review the media guidelines for reporting suicides before you do anything like this again. You can find it at www.suicidology.org. Also, how about report something positive in this man's memory, like National Suicide Prevention Week, September 4th - 11th.

1180 days ago


nothing to gain by posting this audio l refuse to listen to it TMZ congratulations for sinking so low , l will not be watching your tv show anymore or coming to this site any longer

1180 days ago


This shouldn't have been posted! If any of us (his family and friends) wanted to hear it we would but it is not something that is for anyone who wants or has access to the intetnet to hear!! You didn't know him, you haven't bern there through all the bad the media loves so much to focus on and you weren't there for all the good and amazing things very few are reporting...he wasn't just some athlete that killed himself, he was a son, a brother, a uncle, a grandson and a best friend who changed my life and saved my life! He is also a hero to so many and this does not change that....and for the person who really cares why he wanted his body picked up, he watched a friends kill himself and knew all to well the gruesome scene and haunting memories...he didn't want anyone who knew him to find him or some unsuspecting hiker to discover him, at least that is what I think knowing him as well as I did! Jeret was an amazing person and my heart is broken without him but his choice DOES NOT take away from any of the good or the love and it never will..

1179 days ago

Laura Schultz     

REMOVE THIS POST YOU DOUCHELORDS. What the hell is the matter with you? BOOOO TMZ, BAD TMZ BAD. Have some effing respect.

1179 days ago


This is NOT responsible media reporting.

Suicide is a public health issue. Media and online coverage of suicide should be informed by using best practices. Some suicide deaths may be newsworthy. However, the way media covers suicide can influence behavior negatively by contributing to contagion or positively by encouraging help-seeking.
--Research has found that certain types of news coverage can increase the likelihood of suicide in vulnerable individuals. The magnitude of the increase is related to the amount, duration, and prominence of coverage.
--Risk of additional suicides increases when the story explicitly describes the suicide method, uses dramatic/graphic headlines or images, and repeated/extensive coverage sensationalizes or glamorizes a death.
--Covering suicide carefully, even briefly, can change public misperceptions and correct myths, which can encourage those who are vulnerable or at risk to seek help.

Here is a link to AFSP's media recommendations for reporting on suicide: http://www.afsp.org/files/​Misc_/recommendations.pdf

If you are in crisis, please call 800-273-TALK (8255).

1179 days ago


such a sad audio to listen to.....

1177 days ago
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