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U.S. Skier's Heartbreaking 911

"I'm Gonna Kill Myself"

7/28/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jeret Peterson 911 Call
U.S. Olympic
skier Jeret "Speedy" Peterson called 911 moments before he committed suicide Monday ... and while fighting back tears, the 29-year-old told the operator, "I'm going to kill myself."

Peterson then gave his location to the operator and said, "I want police to come get the body." He then hung up the phone.

Cops in Summit County, Utah responded to the spot where Peterson said he would be ... and found the skier's body "obviously deceased from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head."

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Peterson left a suicide note ... but cops are not releasing it to the public.

Peterson was one of the best freestyle skiers in the world. He competed in 3 Olympics for the U.S.  ... winning a silver medal in Vancouver in 2010.

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norm abrams    

I have directed my local media to call Harvey Levin directly, to ask him for a quote for the newscast, why he would stoop so low to do this, and to justify this. Please do the same.

1146 days ago


This is one of the saddest things I have ever heard. How in the world could you post this? You do realize he has has family and friends and this will haunt them forever hearing the sadness and despair in his voice at his lowest moment. This is TMZ's lowest moment and I will never visit this site again.

1146 days ago


I didn't listen but I did register just to say, you should take this down. Please show some respect for the family.

1146 days ago


I really like this website usually because it's always so funny and interesting but this poor man's last moments and phone call is something I could never find entertaining. Why put it on here? Seriously who is this helping or informing? Someone's son is dead. You have hit a new low and I hope other people join me in deleting your site from their favorites.

1146 days ago


You guys at TMZ have always brought a smile to my face and have entertained me throughout the day. But seriously? I would hope you all would have a little more respect. This family is going through hell right now, and the last thing they need is a "news" source posting this all over the internet. You guys became a success because the public has viewed you as a respectable way to see into the lives of those that are rich and famous. Not for this stuff. Please reevaluate your motives and purpose in general.

1146 days ago


A Casey Anthony Suicide phone call I would find interesting, but not this, very sad!

1146 days ago


I feel sick... this is disgusting!

1146 days ago


TMZ...this is going too far...this did not need to be broadcast...the guy was going thru enough problems and what lack of respect you have for his family...talk about profiting on a tragic death...you really should be ashamed of yourselves....this is just sad sad sad...I guess TMZ is joining the Nancy Grace Profiteer Wagon on tragic deaths!

1146 days ago


I did not listen to the tape but I absolutely believe they are public record and should be released as such.

He was ok to process what he was doing by calling 911, almost as if he wanted it on record.

He was granted that wish....

If he didn't care about what impact offing himself would have on his family then why should we care what impact this tape has on them?

1146 days ago

george jetson    

dude was a ****** anyway

1146 days ago


An athlete returning to normal Society -

Is like Rambo -

Returning from Nam -

I feel for the dude -

Because I know how hard this is -

I applaud TMZ for posting it -

As it shows his mental state and anguish -

Makes us understand better -

How it all went down -

1146 days ago

Shame on You TMZ Staff    

Harvey, you are truly a twisted and classless individual that apparently only cares about lining your bank account. Obviously not your smartest decision. I won't be back.

1146 days ago


TMZ you have no class whatsoever...you have now hit bottom.

1146 days ago


TMZ: You have no class...what purpose did this serve? Sad...

1146 days ago


to all the posters that are saying this is terrible to post..I ask you, did you listen to it?? don't blame TMZ for lack of taste, blame society for sensationalizing things to such a depth, that we ourselves become callous to the things in life that matter. Society's love of the media and drama has made the tabloids and gossip what it is today.

1146 days ago
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