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7/28/2011 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Paid Interview
NBC News tells TMZ ... it did not offer Casey Anthony any money for an interview with her.

An NBC rep tells us, "NBC News has not and will not be in a bidding war for a Casey Anthony interview.  No money has or will be offered, no licensing or other arrangements.  If we were to conduct an interview it would be under our standards."

The rep confirms ... NBC did indeed foot the bill for Jose Baez' suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City last week.  As we reported, Baez met with famed celeb lawyer Mark Geragos last Thursday in the hotel bar, discussing negotiating strategy and talking about the "big price tag" for the interview.

And sources connected with ABC insist there was indeed a bidding war between the networks.

ABC now says it will no longer pay for photos and videos connected with interviews.


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Relax. You guys act so self righteous. She was found not guilty. The same justice system you praise or support that is the ideal of this country, don't now all of the sudden go bonkers with this verdict. There are hundreds if not thousands of injustices in the country (police beatings/citizen killings, illegal drug convictions, super sentencing, etc, that goes on and when people riot or are unhappy with these injustices and mobilize against it, all you say is get over it..justice was served. Rather she did it or not, don't waste or spew your hate energy...go help child victims, volunteer at an orphanage, work to change the laws in your state or jurisdiction. All of these TV networks made and are making millions as they utilize sensationalism and you all fall for it while they laugh all the way to the bank.
Ultimately use your life in a productive way to bring about change, to sit and complain you won'*****ch, you will boycott the network, etc..They don't care and neither should you.. there's another issue they need to sensationalize so you'll come back and watch.

1191 days ago


I do not want to see anything that will make Killer Baby any money, but her greedy lawyers are working that way in there best interest. What a group of s***.

1191 days ago


i will NO*****ch her on tv . no way!

1191 days ago


Who ever pays her even a penny I will not ever watch anything on that network and and so all social game players I am on, We will boycott that channel. The jury knew she murdered her 2 yr old Caylee yet they let her get away with MURDER.

1191 days ago


I'll believe it when I (don't) see it.

At this point all three networks have lost credibility simply because they all have considered paying for an interview.

Any network that even considers paying for an interview is as sleazy as RUPERT MURDOCH/NEWS CORP

Network Contact Info -

ABC - 212-456-7777

NBC - 212-664-4444

CBS - 212-975-4321

1191 days ago

Simon P. Bedard    

I have kept up some-what with this CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL.I am glad to see and hear that the Networks will not give her a dime for interviews and are putting their foot down.Her daughter was murdered.If she lied on stand,don"t you think she"ll at an interview? BE SAFE&WISE

1191 days ago


I hope the bitch, her lawyers and the jury is haunted by Caylee's image each and every night for the rest of thier miserable lives.

1191 days ago


Mr. Earl Flint,
We do not want to see her body either. Take your Hustler offer and hussle your pathetic, greedy, slimey immoral ass to the moon and up where the sun don't shine.

1191 days ago



1191 days ago


HLN has made it so the woman can never earn a decent living which is un-American since she was found not-guilty by a jury of her peers. The prosecution asked who's life was made better by Caylee's death: how much money did the Media moguls make? The grandparents are on their second cruise to the Bahamas and Casey is hiding for her life. How much money did they get for selling her pictures. She sure had a lot of pictures made, just like JonBenet Ramsey; both found with "hearts" on their remains. I'm not convinced Casey Anthony is guilty of murder. The whole case against her was built around chloroform and the 84 searches turned out to be BOGUS, but it is rarely reported as is anything to her favor. No woman in the USA has ever killed her child with duct-tape, and the best doctor in the USA if not world says that there was no duct-tape around the skull and that the skull should have been cut open during the "shotty autopsy." That would have shown it to be a drowning and the mother just had to do it because the Media drove the last mother with a missing child in Florida to commit suicide and far be it from a former prosecutor to ever admit being wrong! George is not the saint you Casey-haters think he is.

1191 days ago


Lolololol! Yeah, and they expect you to believe that bunch of BS?! Either they couldn't come up with enough like ABC who decided after not being able to cough up enough money to take the high road of "We don't pay for interviews or photo's anymore", which I guess means their news is going to be ooolllddd before you hear it lol! There is not a paper or tabloid or news outlet that DOESN'T pay for information so they can scoop everyone else! Especially if the story is major news, they will offer you their blood, kidneys and anything else you want if you'll just give them the low down they want to scoop the other outlets!
NBC is lying and admits to paying for her lawyer's hotel stay to discuss the interview, um you really figure they would have paid for his stay if they already knew they'd have to pay and weren't going to offer money?! ABC at least came clean and admitted there was a bidding war, they're just now taking the high road because they didn't seal the deal!
If any of you seriously think this is down to public opinion, I hate to dis-allusion you, some network somewhere in the World is going to pay for her interview and nothing any of us say or do will stop that! NBC and ABC just lost out - is CBS still in the running and who else is hm?!
Casey Anthony will get paid for her interview, because despite disclaimers everyone WILL watch it! The media knows it, and the more you write in to denounce such an interview the more they know they are onto a winner, because they know CONTROVERSY sells like nothing else in this world!
Right now Rupert Murdoch and his companies are under fire after it was discovered phone and mobile phones of murder victims families, 9/11 victims families, politicians and many, many more were hacked into in order to get a story! It's spreading too, it's now not just his papers affected, so tell me d'you really think that there is nothing these people won't do to get a story hm?!

1191 days ago


Why is she smiling? God I hate that face!!

1191 days ago


"if we were to conduct an interview it would be under our standards "

so.... just what are those standards NBC?

1191 days ago


HEADS UP To - ABC, NBC, CBS, E-Online, Entertainment Tonight, and ALL OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS:

Go ahead and air an interview with Casey Anthony and/or the Anthony's. Go ahead and show the pictures and video's. And see what happens! Outside of the fact that you will see a tremendous drop in your viewership - you may also see a whole lot of protesters out in front of your station! Not to mention all of the lovely mail and calls that you will receive from the outrage of the public! NO ONE wants to hear any more lies, nor see them in any fashion! And the Public at large - IS NOT going to endorse or condone your choice to pay these people for that garbage!

And to ALL OF THE ADVERTISER'S, SPONSOR'S AND PUBLISHER'S who are thinking about participating in the airing of this interview and/or book deals with these people - this too, may very well occur with your company also!

Any company that would pay "Blood Money" to these people for the interview, the pictures or video's or for a book or whatever - or participates in any manner - DOES NOT show any kind of Integrity, Honor, Decency, Ethics, Morals, or anything else and thereby DOES NOT deserve the patronage of any individual!

You have been given NOTICE!!


I think that this is just a way of soothing the crowd from all the backlash that they (and the other media outlets) are recieving from the public. However, whoever bought the licensing rights to photos and/or video's of her, is just another way of getting around the interview payment stuff. So whichever station and/or program that airs these photo's and/or video's and/or the interview - you will know that they lied and were just trying to smooth things over with the public.

1191 days ago


Anybody claiming to take the high road is a HYPOCRITE! I never thought I would see anyone treated like this in America: A whole network devoted to demonizing a defendant before she had her day in court because she wasn't a good mother. And then when she was found not-guilty in a court of law; the jury was demonized. HLN became HCN: Hate-Casey Network. I never thought I would hear in America that jury members were being threatened and not welcome in certain establishments: it echoes of Jim Crowe. I never thought I would hear Americans say our jury system should be changed to professional jurors and not jurors of our peers. And HLN/HCN said over and over don't take the law into your own hands/don't be vigilantees...blah,blah. Don't believe them. They encouraged hate by their constant stream of negative reporting. But the jury heard all the facts and I studied this case 24/7 and there just wasn't enough evidence to put the woman to death for murder. All the people who say Caylee is with the Lord act like He really isn't our judge in the next world. HLN wouldn't let the little girl rest in peace. I suppose after Melinda Duckett's suicide in Florida, Nancy couldn't admit she crossed the line. No the next child in Florida missing had to be killed by the mother because there couldn't be a killer on the loose, because Nancy couldn't be wrong. Nancy can't be wrong and George can't be a bad man. If they were, then Casey Anthony may not be guilty. She had to be guilty after Melinda's suicide. And my, you'd almost think it was all planned. I have never seen such a photographed child as Caylee, even JonBenet never had so many photographs. What luck for HLN.

1191 days ago
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