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7/28/2011 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Paid Interview
NBC News tells TMZ ... it did not offer Casey Anthony any money for an interview with her.

An NBC rep tells us, "NBC News has not and will not be in a bidding war for a Casey Anthony interview.  No money has or will be offered, no licensing or other arrangements.  If we were to conduct an interview it would be under our standards."

The rep confirms ... NBC did indeed foot the bill for Jose Baez' suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City last week.  As we reported, Baez met with famed celeb lawyer Mark Geragos last Thursday in the hotel bar, discussing negotiating strategy and talking about the "big price tag" for the interview.

And sources connected with ABC insist there was indeed a bidding war between the networks.

ABC now says it will no longer pay for photos and videos connected with interviews.


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I hope no-one pays her anything. The whole Anthony family should stop cashing on Caylee's death and start to show some respect to that little girl who didn't have the chance to live her life.

1190 days ago


BRAVO NBC!!!!!!!!!

1190 days ago


Any network that pays Casey will regreat the backlash...

She thinks she is a famous celebrity & Leo Di Caprio or Colin Farrell wants to sleep with her but she is poison and no one will date her if famous themselves.

1190 days ago


The comment from "Kate" is spot on!

If only Cindy had listened to that Psychiatrist, Caylee would be alive today!

I had to go to court years back to rescue my 7 year old grandson from his junkie mother! I would get him into grade school and that bitch would take him out of school, over and over again. Finally my son and I went to court and made sure my grandson was in school.

The follow up to this story is that the junkie mother moved to California and as the police tell it, she either fell while she was trying to enter her top floor apartment or someone pushed her off the roof!!!!! Either way she is gone.

I feel this Casey bitch will be gone soon, and if there is any money to ge gotten the lawyers will get it!

1190 days ago


I predict here and now that Casey Anthony will never receive a penny from anyone!

1190 days ago


It is probably a play on words and they offered to set up a 'trust' with the $1.5+ million in it.

1190 days ago


apparently hustler has offered the killer 500k to pose nude..

1190 days ago


Please sign the below petition to stop Casey from profiting off the death of her little girl.

1190 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I'd like to say that I'd join your boycott, but I'd be lying....not that I'd watch the interview because I wouldn't anyway--I never watch those primetime interviews. I think they're boring and it would probably be cool if they left those to 60 Minutes and aired movies like they used to.

1190 days ago


When it comes down to it, the networks DO want this interview, but they all backpedal and say they don't. Eventually we will see Casey Anthony on TV, and the ratings will be huge. Do I like it? No, it's just reality at its worst.

1190 days ago


Yeah right NBC...Then why pay for his hotel room? I would like to come to NY, can you pay for my room? Oh wait, I dont have a child killer story to sell you...oops...

1190 days ago


The bottom line is: If she appears on television, she has been paid in some way, shape or form. They can call it what they want, but Casey Anthony will not do an interview unless she gets a lot of money... whether it is through buying her a house or giving her a behind the scenes job at NBC and paying her an enormous salary for no work, or setting up a trust fund for her with big bucks put in it or any other sneaky way they could think of to get money to her.

If she is on television, she has been paid. Simple.

And I WILL boycott any network that airs an interview with her or Jose Baez.

Let the networks take the gamble, I think they will be surprised by the public's reaction..... and their sponsors won't be happy when they are boycotted. Let NBC explain that to their sponsors.

1190 days ago

Frederic M. Douglas    

NBC News says that they didn't offer a red cent to Casey Anthony. Could be literally true. That statement could be true if some other entity (not NBC News, like MSNBC) offered her money. Also possible, they offered money to Anthony's lawyer or some entity set up by a lawyer. Straight pimpin'.

1190 days ago

Sierra's Mom YC, CA    

I wouldn'*****ch, or read anything that would give Casey Anthony a dime. However if her parents wrote something In Caylee's memory that would go strictly to a charity or scholorship in Caylee's name I would consider reading or watching. I think the DA was too quick to file charges Now there will never be justice for such a bright eyed little girl. If just one member of the jury would have stuck with their gut and said guilty she could have been retried. This is so sad I think crimes against children should have a larger punishment. Let's just hope the last thing Caylee remembers isn't the thought of her mom harming her. I hope she just remembers all the good in her short little life!

1190 days ago


I am so happy that NBC still has some integrity! I really would have missed watching my favorite shows on NBC but would not have if they went ahead and paid any money for the death of a child. There are many channels now, such as TNT, etc. that have great shows to watch and that is just what I will do to any company that pays one red cent for any of their interviews.

1190 days ago
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