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7/28/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie has a buff body now (right), but he's no stranger to rock hard physiques since he was once a female bodybuilder (left) ... and TMZ has the photo to prove it!

Back in 1999 before becoming a transgendered man, Beatie was in top form and posing competitively in a woman's hot pink bikini and a serious tan that would make Snooki proud.

While now back in decent shape after giving birth, the father of three appears to have transitioned effortlessly from pumping iron to pumping, er, milk.


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Why, oh WHY, do you keep referring this to this woman as a man? She can be a lot of things, but if she doesn't have a ****, she ain't a guy. I saw a quote from Chaz Bono saying, "Having a penis has nothing to do with being a man." WHA-WHA_WHA- WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Sorry, having a **** is kind of the first requirement in being a man. And, if a chick doesn't understand that, then she has no cluse as to how far from being a guy she really is. I'm totally pro-gay marriage, gay adoption and 100% for gay rights. But, calling a woman a man is simply ridiculous to me.

1191 days ago


Stop Please! There is no such thing as a pregnant man and no amount of publicity well make ie true. This is a distubing lie. Thats a woman with a beard.

1191 days ago


Wonder if he/she was already taking male hormones at that point. Wouldn't be fair is she did though.

1191 days ago



1191 days ago


that is a lady, not a man, stop marketing it as such.

You can put a ferrari body over a yugo, but it will always be a yugo.

1191 days ago


FREAK! This guy deserves to be made fun of and ridiculed until he curls up in a ball and cries himself to sleep.

Just sayin...this behavior should not be tolerated by any advanced society.

1191 days ago


Ok, let's get it straight. Anyone who can get pregnant is not a man. Only women get pregnant. No sex change or cross dressing will ever make a man a woman or a woman a man. You are what you are born. If you want to live as someone of the opposite sex, that's fine, but it does not biologically make you someone of the opposite sex. The X and Y chromosomes rule.

1191 days ago


I don't think that is him in the body builder photo. I saw a pic of his wife that looked exactly like this one as she used to be a bodybuilder...I think TMZ photo-shopped his head onto his wife's pic.

1191 days ago


I really wish TMZ would refrain from posting topless women on their website. i am extremely offended.

1191 days ago


That is is/was NOT a pregnant MAN. MEN CANNOT BE PREGNANT!!!! That is a woman who lives as a man. I can't stand hearing people call this person a pregnant man! DISGUSTING!!!

1191 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

joe pesci could just superimpose his head on that bikini photo as of now....

1191 days ago


I will say it again and again, you liberals need to stop . If you are born with girl parts you are a GIRL and if you are born with boy parts you are a boy. No matter how much you might think and want it you will NEVER be anything than that. If i said and truely believed I being born a white man should have been born an African american, no amount of surgery or drugs would change that. So no amount of surgery or drugs will make a man into a woman , nor a woman into a man. It is like they say in California what isn't fruits and nuts is flakes.

1191 days ago

Trish the Bitch    

i am so ANNOYED when "media sources" write that this is a "pregnant man" or "the first man to give birth" Please don't use the term "first man to give birth" until it is a MAN who was born a BIOLOGICAL MAN with a penis and balls, who then had an embryo implanted into him and gave birth via c-section. THAT will be the first man giving birth. I'm all for equality and I don't care if a man wants to marry 5 women or a man, or if someone wants to chop off their penis and get implants, I DO however get bothered when people use innacurate medical and biological terms. Ex: if "Thomas Beatie" has a genetic disorder that can only be passed from the biological mother to her child, "Thomas'" child still has to be worried if her eggs were used to make that baby. I don't get what's so amazing about this. That being said, I hope his/her kids are happy and healthy.

1191 days ago


Sick bastard! Poor child.

1191 days ago


I still don't understand how "he" can be legally considered a man without having the female internal organs removed and male external organs constructed.

I could decide to start taking hormones tomorrow and declare myself a man as well.

This was still not a pregnant man. This was a masculinized female playing at being a male, but a female all the same, that gave birth.

1191 days ago
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