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Clark Gable's Grandson


7/29/2011 6:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clark Gable III Arrested
Clark Gable III is in custody right now ... after being arrested last night for allegedly pointing a laser at an LAPD helicopter ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Gable -- an aspiring actor -- was driving around in Hollywood with friends last night, driving in the direction of the Hollywood sign.  Gable's family tells TMZ ... he was trying to point the laser at the famous sign, but apparently his aim ain't so good.

A short time later, cops swarmed and accused Gable of pointing the device at the chopper -- a huge no-no. 

Gable has had his share of problems.  In 2009, he was stabbed in the rib cage by a fellow party-goer.

Gable was booked on a felony.  His bail is set at $60,000.  The family says he's looking for a good lawyer.


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Marty from Modesto, that was Hilarious! Thanks!

1189 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Couldn't wait to get on here to use the "Frankly, I don't give a ... but EVERYBODY beat me to it. Darn.

1189 days ago

steeler fan    

what the heck how does that work? he used a laser? like the ones you tease you cat with? i didn't know the light would reach all the way up to a helicopter.

1189 days ago

Alex Jackson    

Clark was working for my fathers company Semisub Inc. in longbeach in the port of longbeach. Him an a few other co-workers stayed to work late, i come to work the next day and find out the police helicopter tracked him down for the same reason, a green laser pointed at the choopper ground units moved in on boats and cars while Clark Gable was listening to the Iphone Police scanner heard his discription and changed his shirt before police arrive he was able to get away with it beucase no one wanted to tell police anything and you think he would have learned his lesson. This was about 2 years ago police gave him a firm warning and said "your looking at a federal felony crime with a 9 year minimum jail time" that was the end of it... till now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ THIS !!!! TMZ

1189 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I dont understand why this guy doesnt get more attention, I mean how many people in Hollywood can say they are "The King of Hollywoods" grandson? Pari******on,Kim Kardashian,Lindsay Lohan, who the hell are these celebrities? Clark Gabel is one of my favorite actors of all time not because he is still the King in my book, but because he is still the most amusing actors of all frickin time, and I think there is some kind of conspiracy against his Grandson whose name doesnt even get his name published for stories about him. Hell we all no what Nicholas Cages sons name is, whats up with that?

1189 days ago

Alex Jackson    

He just got back from italy making a movie, his first and a reality show in malibu called Clout...... He was trying to change his ways after the close call with death and this is what happens... but like i said he got a firm warning from Long beach PD and Harbor Patrol officers and investigators the day after... You think when officers tell you to your face 9 years in a federal prison, keep in mind this is a FEDERAL offense... But its truely sad he was just making his way around his problems and getting work in hollywood now this...

1189 days ago

Throwback kid    

Frankly TMZ I don't give a d-a-m-n

1189 days ago


Not buying Clark's excuse. He could have brought the chopper down, so should serve jail time. Let's see if he does, though, since he's a "celebrity."

1189 days ago

some guy    

I think his parents hold some of the blame for him acting like a jackass. Prob spoiled rotten as a kid.

1189 days ago


At 22 he should know better. He's acting like an arse because he's got away with it before! Lock the jerk up and teach him a lesson!

1189 days ago


Why do you need a laser to point at the Hollywood sign. It's not exactly inconspicuous.

1189 days ago


what a maroon!

1189 days ago


Kay would be so disappointed...

1189 days ago


LOL !!! Way to go Clark Gable! Ha! Give the kid a damn break. This is a stupid Mickey Mouse "crime". Ummm... shinning a light on the Hollywood sign? Bad boy! The kid is a chip off the old block and will bounce back unscathed. Another site even said he's already out of jail. Next

1189 days ago


It says he is an aspiring ACTOR not REALITY "actor" which there is no such thing! I see a bit of resemblance in this pic, but can he ACT? And what ever happened to the giant lummock girl who was the granddaughter who drank like a fish and kept popping up on reality shows? Pari******on had her trying to compete to be her "friend"!!! hahahahahahaha!!!

1189 days ago
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