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7/29/2011 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former All-Pro running back Larry Johnson is accused of beating the living daylights out of a man ... who later allegedly told police, "This ni**er is going down" -- referring to Johnson.

In a civil lawsuit, filed last week, the alleged victim -- John Phillip Graney -- claims he was leaving a Miami Beach party in May when Johnson punched, tackled, and kicked him ... leaving Graney "beaten and brutalized."

Miami Beach police responded, and according to the official report ... Graney told an officer, "This ni**er is going down. He needs to learn a lesson, it's going to cost this prick."

TMZ obtained photos of Graney's alleged battle scars ... and according to the suit he suffered cuts to his face and ear, bruised chest and knees ... 3 herniated discs, and a torn rotator cuff.

Graney claims the whole fight was unprovoked. As for using the n-word ... his attorney Jonathan Davidoff says Graney is not a racist and "does not recall making those statements."

Johnson denies all the allegations in the lawsuit -- and his attorney tells TMZ, "This is a straight extortion claim designed to seek money."

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HA ha das what he get look at his panties hes obviously a racist.

1080 days ago


You can get killed saying the N word to a black guy so this racist idiot got lucky. It is justifiable if anyone calls a black man the N word unprovoked for that man to get beat up. People died over that word so being called that will always inflame and provoke a black guy.

1080 days ago


If you are white and say it you are a racist, if you are black and say it you are a ghetto master. You know what, if it's that offensive then stop saying it and others will too. Stop crying racism over every GD little thing. Evidentially blacks are a bunch of pu$&ies. Stop the whining already.

Hmmm From what I see the only reason you typing that big **** is because you safe behind the computer

1080 days ago


@James Lakovish, I was compelled to reply to your uneducated comment. I'm going to let you continue to be ignorant and think that its "just a word". I'm pretty sure you're not black and since you think its "just a word" why don't you try calling a black person the n-word to their face and see how much it matters. As for calling someone the g-word. What the hell is that?! I've never heard any of my family or friends call a person that and guess what? WE'RE BLACK, shocking!

1080 days ago


He should be beaten for wearing lame Tommy Helfiger underwear.

1080 days ago


@don you don't read do you? He said the N-word after he got beaten!!

1080 days ago


I would beat his ass infront of the cops if that white boy called me a *****. you got the balls to call a black person a derogatory word then theres consequenses one way or a another. for the record i love white girls

1080 days ago


Why does this automatically star out the word ******, but not the words cracker, honky, spick, wetback, or coon??????? I was just curious, since we are claiming you can not say the N-word because it is hurtful, or is every one that is not black supposed to do the adult thing and disregard stupidity. If I was black and someone called me ******, I would say "you got that right," just like I do when my homie calls me white bread or crackster....... It is always an "EXCUSE" for bad behavior is all it is. "I had to assalt them, they called me a ******" JUST AN EXCUSE IS ALL IT IS.

1080 days ago


i should not have said that i would beat that guy up if he called me a ***** because he prolly was drunk and like turk said its like an excuse to behave stpidly and for the words honky and crackers white people know that dont mean **** they werent ensalved for years.

1080 days ago


It's not justified but that was his reason and who knows how many times he has let it roll off his back . Many black,ladies,men and whites call each other(not all) N-----,B---- and WHITE T---- but if someone who is not a friend or male or female black or white say it then it usally is taken a differnt way.Rasict should stop justifing the opportunity to jab..see how that could be taken the wrong way.

1080 days ago


Typical, I've been in several situations where some weak, punk a$$ White folks tried to instigate situations with Blacks...funny because when somebody check their a$$ as a result they wanna play the victims, a bunch of cowards I say....and this guys is no exception to the rule, get off your fat a$$ and get a job, trying to extort money from somebody #pathetic The real question for these White people posting is why you wanna say the word anyway Hmm tribute to your ancestors lol! get real since we did yall need permission to say anything, I guest the Government isn't protecting yall a$$es they way they use too. LMAO!

1080 days ago


what I get from the article he said that to police AFTER the fight. What actually provoked the fight and maybe it is time he learned a lesson and got sued/charged with something. It is about time these people thinking their "celebrity status" makes the special find out they don't and aren't.

1080 days ago


People (white) need to stop with the n word, its a quick beatdown,, whites have been disrespecting blacks for centuries with that word and the frst thing they say is "im not a racist" well you could have fooled me, quit lying.. smh!!

1080 days ago


I highly doubt the fight was unprovoked. Ok, the guy probably shouldn't have gotten his butt whooped but it's unlikely Johnson just started hitting him for no reason. The Graney remembers what happened and is trying to play the "I didn't do anything" card to get some money.
OH..the N word is offensive and people need to stop justifying it and saying it's just a word.

1080 days ago


White people use your brain , if its a hurtful word .DONT EFFING use it, it was used by you whites years back and even blacks where killed behind that word,, its offensive .. dont use it .. i dont care if Santa claus uses it,, and since when did whites even want to do what blacks do,, stop making excuses to use such a hurtful word.. you are not black so dont effing use it.. dont give a damn who uses it!YOU ARE NIOT BLACK so stick with what you know and do!

1080 days ago
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