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7/29/2011 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former All-Pro running back Larry Johnson is accused of beating the living daylights out of a man ... who later allegedly told police, "This ni**er is going down" -- referring to Johnson.

In a civil lawsuit, filed last week, the alleged victim -- John Phillip Graney -- claims he was leaving a Miami Beach party in May when Johnson punched, tackled, and kicked him ... leaving Graney "beaten and brutalized."

Miami Beach police responded, and according to the official report ... Graney told an officer, "This ni**er is going down. He needs to learn a lesson, it's going to cost this prick."

TMZ obtained photos of Graney's alleged battle scars ... and according to the suit he suffered cuts to his face and ear, bruised chest and knees ... 3 herniated discs, and a torn rotator cuff.

Graney claims the whole fight was unprovoked. As for using the n-word ... his attorney Jonathan Davidoff says Graney is not a racist and "does not recall making those statements."

Johnson denies all the allegations in the lawsuit -- and his attorney tells TMZ, "This is a straight extortion claim designed to seek money."

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With Pro Athlete African Americans tossing around homophobic slurs like it's their sperm, I have little sympathy for them getting the n-word tossed at them.

1184 days ago


With a belly that size, I understand where the herniated disks came from!!!

1184 days ago


N-word aside, I don't get it. Johnson is claiming he never beat the living daylights out of this guy but the guy was extorting him, which usually means that if you don't pay-up I'll tell you beat the living daylights out of me... As always, there's a lot missing in this story not that it makes any difference on this site

1184 days ago


Good! stop poping off at the mouth; see what can happen to you.. You white *******; you need to learn a lession.. Blacks do not fear the police.. watch your back.. theres more to come.. and stop doing the black mans hand shake. WE HATE IT and stop getting butt implants and lip injection you look like a ugly fool.

1184 days ago


It's clear the bad shape bully was looking for a "come up" off someone else dime. Intentionally provoking a fight so you can sue someone shows your lack of morals. It's wrong to call anyone a racist name, before of after a fight. Get a fu*king job and stop being a "Professional Victim".

1184 days ago


You talk like a contender. Look more like a Potbellied, Day-Old, Fresh Frozen Chickenhawk. With that beer gut, and those little girl legs.I don't even think it really hurts our feelings when you use that word anymore- doesn't sting like it used to. I can usually laugh it off, but if I don't like you then it's all I need to justify, "a beatdown". For the record, he doesn't look beatdown, he just looks dirty SOMEONE BATHE THIS MAN! Tommy Hilfiger drawers? THANK YOU BASED GOD for getting the crap kicked out of John E. Reb.

1184 days ago


Looks like Larry is still the same ol' Larry.... Beating women in Kansas City and now beating on men in Miami. *smh*

1184 days ago


What is up with everyone saying he deserved it by saying the N word? It is illegal to use physical violence regardless of what they call you.

1184 days ago


He may have said that " N%gg*r is going down"...but it looks like he went down...Don't write a check with your mouth that your ass can't cash.

1184 days ago


it is just a word. nothing more than that. if it is such a hateful word, then all music companies should ban that word for all rap songs. all blacks can call themselves that word. all blacks can call whites that word. whites cant say anything to blacks without being sued. Mike Epps is a perfect example. There is a video of him telling Mel Gibson he is wrong to make racial comments. There is also a video of him calling a white woman a white b*tch. (He could have just called her a b*tch, but he chose to make a comment on her color. Everything is a double standard. Aside from a lot of news stories, from what I see on the street, black people overall are violent people. After they will walk into you, they will say, 'why did you hit me ?' After 5 of them circle you asking if they can borrow 5 dollars, if you try to get away or call for help, you are considered a racist. The hit people first, then claim racism and walk away a hero.

1184 days ago


...And he isn't one? In what way?

1184 days ago


I know the victum really well. John is NOT a racist. His a really nice guy that stays out of trouble and is good to others.

1184 days ago


you white people are scared to say the n word in a crowd of "blacks" so shutup. If you all are so tough go to a "black event" and vent p*ssy

1184 days ago


Haha, you got your ass BEAT! These white ******* are infamous for running off at the mouth and then crying to the police when things go further than they're prepared to handle. Hey John....u mad? LMAO!!!

1184 days ago


Black people wanna talk about racism, but not allowing a white guy to use the N Word... THAT right there is racist. If I was white, why should I get beat down for something that my ancestors did. I was never a slave master, and I had nothing to do with slavery, and yet, I cannot use the N-word when black people use it all the time. Blacks are way more racist than whites

1184 days ago
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