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7/29/2011 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former All-Pro running back Larry Johnson is accused of beating the living daylights out of a man ... who later allegedly told police, "This ni**er is going down" -- referring to Johnson.

In a civil lawsuit, filed last week, the alleged victim -- John Phillip Graney -- claims he was leaving a Miami Beach party in May when Johnson punched, tackled, and kicked him ... leaving Graney "beaten and brutalized."

Miami Beach police responded, and according to the official report ... Graney told an officer, "This ni**er is going down. He needs to learn a lesson, it's going to cost this prick."

TMZ obtained photos of Graney's alleged battle scars ... and according to the suit he suffered cuts to his face and ear, bruised chest and knees ... 3 herniated discs, and a torn rotator cuff.

Graney claims the whole fight was unprovoked. As for using the n-word ... his attorney Jonathan Davidoff says Graney is not a racist and "does not recall making those statements."

Johnson denies all the allegations in the lawsuit -- and his attorney tells TMZ, "This is a straight extortion claim designed to seek money."

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@ kim have you listened to rap music lately? Did you understand my comment? The word is perpetuated by rap artists therefore some people think its acceptable. I don't!

1190 days ago


Come on people you know the Rules: if you use the N-word you get a beating, those are the rules. Just because we have a black President doesn't mean you can say whatever you like. All the smart white people know if you are going to use the N-word, you use it at home. LOL

1190 days ago


Whether or not you use a racial slur, its not a good idea to run around calling anyone names. Especially someone big enough to kick your arse.....

Mr. Graney needs to shut his piehole. And why is his face obsured? Is he afraid of being attacked again?

1190 days ago


So what - they call each other that all the time. You can't own words, Mr. NFL. You're just rolling out the race card to cover up the fact that you're a thug.

1190 days ago


This guy is the victim of assault and TMZ thinks the story is that he allegedly used a naughty word. This just goes to show how anti-white mass media is these days.

1190 days ago

Black An Proud    

@ Tyler you are an ignorant idiot. You were the one that said "All Blacks Are The Same And They Use The N Word". Then you said "I'm Black And I Don't Use The N Word". I thought all blacks DID use the word which means YOU DO as well if all blacks use it and your black. My point is: 1.don't assume you know what all blacks do(cause you know what they say when you assume). 2. Don't speak for all blacks (especially since you did not meet all blacks on earth). 3. Are you really black? P.S. to the other person I (being black) have never heard a black call a white person gray. What I'm saying is I have heard homosexual people call and say things to each other (in a joking, friendly, or fun way)that I would not ever say being heterosexual even if they are my friends (IT IS VERY DISREPECTFUL) no it is not good for blacks to call each other n*ggas (not n*ggers) but if they feel comfortable saying it to each other who are you to stop them or make an ignorant comments like that. Good Day.

1190 days ago

Tank wills    

People need to get their facts stright i have neva seen a black person ran up to another one and say wats up my ni**er

1189 days ago


Larry is not going to beat u down-if you did nothing. But he has a temper. He prop did call him the N word.

1189 days ago


@Kim, please understand history before you continue to embarrass yourself with false comments. You made a comment about what my ‘dumb ass ancestors’ did to your ancestors.
First of all, the civil war ended in 1865. That meant the end to slavery. I am Italian. According to historic records, Italians first came to the US in 1900. Do the math Einstein. Italians had NOTHING to do with slavery. And techinally according to you, since my ancestors had nothing to do with slavery, I guess I an entitled to say that word.
Second of all, you wrote, why people would want to use such a hurtful word. I have black friends. They use it all the time to call each other as well as to call me. It is just a word and no one gets bent out of shape over it. If you think it is such a hurtful word, who have you contacted in the music biz to have that word banned from music. The answer is, no one. Deep down you want that word out there so you can use it as an excuse to be hurtful to white people and get away with your actions. (by ‘you’ I mean blacks in general)
Third of all, you wrote that you thought whites don’t listen to rap music. I listen to it. I love it. White people make up over a 50% of the people who buy rap cds. Don’t state your opinion as a fact !
Fourth – what sane person would bite the head off a bat ? If someone does that, they shouldn’t be included in this conversation. If that is a reference to Ozzy, I rest my case. He doesn’t have a clue.
Please read up and educate yourself before you make comments with educated people !

1189 days ago


"special rights and privileges"

Such as not even being investigated(!!!!!!!!!!) or having very lenient sentences imposed if you commit the following acts against White people:



Child abduction/abuse.

But if you are so much as accused of being a race-realist thought-criminal by any of the Establishment`s faithful coloured companions....................­.

I agree with others that Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

1189 days ago


We need to start doing that more often!!!

1189 days ago


We need to start doing that more often!!!

1189 days ago


if anyone even read the story, it doesn't say there was a fight BECAUSE the white guy used the n word. it says AFTER the fight the white said the n word to the police. no matter white or black, if you get your butt kicked, of course you aren't going to be 100% politically correct. you are going to say whatever. your heart is racing, your blood is pumping, you aren't going to say, 'this fine outstanding african american athlete is going down', you are going to say what this guy said. and if a black guy lost a fight, I really wouldnt blame him for saying whatever he wants. it is the adrenaline talking.

1189 days ago


Kick his ass June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1189 days ago


White people can never disprove they are "racist",their very existence is seen as a form of "racism" by the so-called "anti-racists".

They say all things white must become "diverse" or it is "racism".

They say there should be no white countries,no white communities,no white schools,no white sports,no white social gatherings etc otherwise it is evidence of "racism"

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

1188 days ago
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