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I'm Not Spoiled...I'M PRIVILEGED

7/29/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

22-year-old BILLION-heiress Petra Ecclestone -- the chick who just bought Candy Spelling's mansion for $85 MILLION -- says she's NOT spoiled ... she's privileged -- and there's a HUGE difference.

Ecclestone spoke with "Good Morning America" -- and explained why she decided to purchase the home ... saying, "It was a great investment, and I got a really good deal and it was, like, prime real estate."

When asked why she didn't use the money to pay for affordable homes for 1000's of families -- she replied, "I help as much as I can, but at the end of the day ... however much the house has costed, that's not going to kind of I dunno ... like change the world I don't think."

Petra -- daughter of a Formula 1 racing tycoon -- added, "I'm not going to not live in a certain way ... just because there are people less fortunate than I am."

Does Petra have a point?


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Boo hoo. All of you losers crying because someone else is more well off than you are sad. I would imagine that most of the biggest complainers don't even have a job.

You commie Smurfs would cry a river if you actually had to work...

1148 days ago


The best thing that she could have said was that she was planning to provide good-paying jobs to people and that she would be limited hiring people to work in a condo or a regular house. She failed miserably. It shows that she really is only thinking about herself....excessive vanity.

1148 days ago


She is so hot.

1148 days ago


Hey her money so who cares she OWES no one anything. Yes she was born into it, but still it is hers.
Why not enjoy it ?

1148 days ago


After reading her comments I would say she should have spent more on her education and less on her house.

1148 days ago


Just as an aside the payments with a 20% down payment plus taxes and insurance, about $450,000 per month.

1148 days ago


These people should all be thrown in jail.

1148 days ago


There will always be people jealous of the wealthy. It's sad when we donate millions of dollars to charity just to have people angry when we buy something for ourselves. We owe you nothing!!!

1148 days ago


Actually the Spellings received enormous criticism during the entire time that they owned that monstrosity of a home. Aaron grew up extremely poor, and earned a fortune, but what was Candy's excuse?

1148 days ago


She comes from a bloodline that worships Satan...plain and simple, nothing new under the sun.

1148 days ago


I have to say, her, and the majority of comments on here, quite frankly, are a prime example of the difference between America, and other industrialized countries.....too much focus on the individual. Many other so called "modern" countries, we focus more on the well being of the community as a whole, rather than focus primarily on the individual...

1148 days ago

Kristine Mailloux    

She can buy any home she wants as long as she the money for it. No matter the cost. And who says she has to buy homes for thousands of people?

1148 days ago


Yes Candy does need an excuse to be decadent! Being married to
Aaron is not enough. And by the way, it was reportedly a very unhappy marriage, so money doesn't buy it, HAHA!

1148 days ago


Darlin, tell 'em ALL to kiss your rich, beautiful a**. I'm so tired of broke folks telling the wealthy folks how they should live. You're the daughter of a billionaire....not the CEO of the Salvation Army.

1148 days ago


this a spoiled little white bitch..end of story..because if this was some black person saying this it would be a whole different story...Soldier boy{spelled the right way}jus bought a jet for 55 million and every comment on there was a racist comment about a dumb ni@@er that bought this plan..she strait up says "im not like gonna like ,change the world or somethin" and she gets props????for buying a house big enough for about thirty people to live in COMFORTABLY and shes jus one lil girl up in that big house???craziness..what a bitch..

1148 days ago
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