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I'm Not Spoiled...I'M PRIVILEGED

7/29/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

22-year-old BILLION-heiress Petra Ecclestone -- the chick who just bought Candy Spelling's mansion for $85 MILLION -- says she's NOT spoiled ... she's privileged -- and there's a HUGE difference.

Ecclestone spoke with "Good Morning America" -- and explained why she decided to purchase the home ... saying, "It was a great investment, and I got a really good deal and it was, like, prime real estate."

When asked why she didn't use the money to pay for affordable homes for 1000's of families -- she replied, "I help as much as I can, but at the end of the day ... however much the house has costed, that's not going to kind of I dunno ... like change the world I don't think."

Petra -- daughter of a Formula 1 racing tycoon -- added, "I'm not going to not live in a certain way ... just because there are people less fortunate than I am."

Does Petra have a point?


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Eat the rich. Starting with her.

1146 days ago


why do some of the rich people feel the need to live in a big mansion? like are you really gonna need all those rooms? lol it's pretty stupid. can't you just have a beautiful big house with like six rooms or something. lol but do you really need like 30 rooms in that big ass mansion or however rooms that mansion has. looks like a lot though. so pointless. and who is petra? lol what a weird name. haha

1146 days ago


Here we go again. Another rich little kiddie, who's done absolutely nothing with her life, who thinks the world owes her everything and has absolutely no idea about how and no intention to earn an honest living. Privileged? Nope; entitled, arrogant & self centered...

1146 days ago


she should have bought an education instead of a house

1146 days ago


I am really sorry but you Americans are really dumb people. Do you know how many children are starving to death every day? What is your "the Greatest Country in the World" doing about that? NOTHING!!! Have you ever donated a dime for a charity? Donating to charity isn't limited to just money; you can donate food, clothing and even blood, depending on the organization. Instead of talking BS about a rich girl, try to help some needy people!

Read more: How to Donate to Charities |

1145 days ago


Karma!!!! She is a spoiled brat and probably is not even happy. Just sounds like a typical Republican if you ask me. She didn't earn her money, it was passed down to her. Maybe she should be thankful that she is that fortunate!!

1145 days ago


I totally get what she's TRYING to say...She just comes off sounding rather unaffected and dumb, though. Shame that with billions of dollars to spend on an education, she couldn't simply learn how to articulate herself properly...

1145 days ago


Typical Kennedy. Joe Kennedy, of Bootlegger cash, had the last "honest job". Seriously though. She likely donates what I make in a year, at 5 different Charity Galas. I adopt a poor family @ X-mas for $100. She likely adopts a whole Afican villages' water plant for 100k. Its' all relative. I hold no ill will towards her. Only a small, jealous person would.

1145 days ago


i think u all read to much in other peoples lives. jus cuz she was born into a rich family doesnt make her spoiled

1145 days ago


"It's someone's "karmic lesson" to be starving? Well, it's OUR karmic lesson to feed them!" ~ Marianne Williamson

1145 days ago

Will Rivers    

Billionaires and Millionaires need and deserve the privileges they have amassed in spite of the Worst Inequity in Modern History. Would you please open your Heart and Wallet for them? : /

1145 days ago

Truth Hurts    

So many idiots on this comment thread. Does anybody realize this woman can afford this outrageously overpriced mansion only because her family namely her father has been making money off the backs of taxpayers like you and me. How the hell do you think baseball, football, and basketball stadiums are built, I'll tell you... WITH TAX PAYERS MONEY & FORMULA 1 RACE TRACKS ARE NO EXCEPTION!!! The 1000s of homes idea should've been a ******* obligation.

1144 days ago


Why do people think that just because someone is rich then their obligated to help the poor. How many poor or middle class people help out? Its her money, not anyone elses and her investments. Its not the average joes generous contributions that made her family rich but it was their smart business sense and the interest in their brand to the general public. Their enjoying the fruits of their harvest just as anyone else would do. How many lottery winners do you know that go out and help the poor once their financial status changes? Close to none and their among the most greedy with their money. In this capitalist country where free enterprise is suppose to be the way of life (despite the socialist views that the rich have to support the poor) where is the marking line where your considered greedy if you don't live below what you can afford. No one gave the Spellings flack for building this mansion but we're now going to give the new owner flack for buying it, no wonder Candy Spelling had trouble selling it, as well as why the American way of life is diminishing. Its all the fault of the overly jealous and lazy poor people who are envy hungry.

1144 days ago


She could have done a lot more with her/her family's money but at the same time, what they do with their money is THEIR business. You can't target her for buying this expensive home because if you really want to break things down, lets talk about overpaid sports stars, actors, singers, politicians, etc, and all the frivolous purchases they all make. Even if she built thousands of homes for less fortunate, there's always going to be people out there to point out she built them for the wrong people or in the wrong area. Damned if you do damned if you don't. Point is, the world is what is; some people have no money and some people have A LOT of money.

1144 days ago

Johnny 5    

A Brit living the American Dream. Spoiled, yes, but above all, LUCKY. If her father didn't impregnate her Momma this blonde nitwit would likely be working a minimum wage job, be unemployed or hooking. F**k her.

1143 days ago
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