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I'm Not Spoiled...I'M PRIVILEGED

7/29/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

22-year-old BILLION-heiress Petra Ecclestone -- the chick who just bought Candy Spelling's mansion for $85 MILLION -- says she's NOT spoiled ... she's privileged -- and there's a HUGE difference.

Ecclestone spoke with "Good Morning America" -- and explained why she decided to purchase the home ... saying, "It was a great investment, and I got a really good deal and it was, like, prime real estate."

When asked why she didn't use the money to pay for affordable homes for 1000's of families -- she replied, "I help as much as I can, but at the end of the day ... however much the house has costed, that's not going to kind of I dunno ... like change the world I don't think."

Petra -- daughter of a Formula 1 racing tycoon -- added, "I'm not going to not live in a certain way ... just because there are people less fortunate than I am."

Does Petra have a point?


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There should have been a third option besides spoiled and privileged...both, because this chick is definitely both. And it probably isn't her money...what job or position has she ever had? It's gotta be her rich father's money. She's just another jet-setting party chick.

1151 days ago


Wonder what its ecological footprint is? Oh right thats just for us little people to consider. Nobody needs that much. Greed like hers is killing us. Should she buy people she isnt obligated...but she could help the world by toning down her extravagant waste......imagine what it takes to heat that beast all for one single woman no one should live like that. maybe we need to look at laws addressing housing sizes, to prevent the rich from grossly wasting resources n jacking up prices for the rest of us. Shes no better then Marie Antionette.

1151 days ago


As much as I would like to say this young woman is a spoiled idiot, I can't. There IS a difference between spoiled and privileged. At least she's not in the public's face proving how stupid she is like the Hilton's and the Kardashian's.

1151 days ago


Meh, she's got a horse mouth.

1151 days ago


Sounds like an idiot, Britain, please take her and that TROUT POUT back! We already have enough rich trash here, thankyouverymuch.

1151 days ago


she really does have a point. why should she have to apologize for being wealthy? she was born into a lifestyle that many dream of and seems to understand that while maintaining a level head. she not going around flashing her money, showing her body, making a sex tape etc. i never even heard of her until she bought this house. her parents have seemed to raise her right!

1151 days ago


her dad gives away nearly a $100 million a year to charity.

She cant help it that her dads rich, and nobody should tell anyone what to spend with their money.

What next? Being told off for buying that 42 inch tv when you could have bought the 28 inch and given the rest to charity?

1151 days ago


and of coarse everyone is gonna hate

1151 days ago


Hopefully with some of that money she can get some plastic surgery....that is one helluva horse face!

1151 days ago


What an assinine question.

1151 days ago


Let's not bs here, she is spoiled. But she does have a point in that she shouldn't have to not live like a rich person just because there are people who are not. If she wants to buy the house, and she (or her father) has the money. Then by all means by the house. I would.

1151 days ago

Kevin King    

Who is honestly going to care when she looks like that?

1151 days ago


so basically she believes in the Pari******on school of life. That's spoiled not privileged.

1151 days ago


I think I speak for most of America when I says.....Who is this bitch and why should I care?

1151 days ago


There is no way she should feel guilty about having money. Nothing wrong with that. I am sure she contributes here and there along the way. But thousands of houses, what a stupid question? I would totally enjoy that privilege if I could. (I would also enjoy her, rawwwelll)

1151 days ago
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