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I'm Not Spoiled...I'M PRIVILEGED

7/29/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

22-year-old BILLION-heiress Petra Ecclestone -- the chick who just bought Candy Spelling's mansion for $85 MILLION -- says she's NOT spoiled ... she's privileged -- and there's a HUGE difference.

Ecclestone spoke with "Good Morning America" -- and explained why she decided to purchase the home ... saying, "It was a great investment, and I got a really good deal and it was, like, prime real estate."

When asked why she didn't use the money to pay for affordable homes for 1000's of families -- she replied, "I help as much as I can, but at the end of the day ... however much the house has costed, that's not going to kind of I dunno ... like change the world I don't think."

Petra -- daughter of a Formula 1 racing tycoon -- added, "I'm not going to not live in a certain way ... just because there are people less fortunate than I am."

Does Petra have a point?


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I mean seriously what is a better investment? The 85 million she spent on PRIME REAL ESTATE or the 55 million Soulja boy just dropped on a PRIVATE JET? GMA should be asking the same questions to the 21yr old rapper.

1151 days ago


Maybe she could have said it in a more coherent way, but she's right. It's good to help others, but it shouldn't be mandatory or expected.

1151 days ago


It's their money that they worked so hard for, so they have all the rights to spend their billions anyway they want.

Rich or not people should never be obligated to spend their money on others even on less fortunate peoples.

1151 days ago


I am an average person living an average life and I would not explain a damned thing to anybody about the house I bought and paid for. The money is hers to do with as she pleases. God bless her and may success continue for her. She should not have to explain to anybody what she does with her money. It is quite kind for those who have so much to share what they have, but they are not obligated to.

1151 days ago


my problem with that house is that it's hideously tacky. and it's not "her" money, it's her daddy's.

rich trash who can't even speak english. "costed" is not a word. tons of money doesn't buy class.

1151 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Why is TMZ trying so dang hard to turn this girl into a celebrity? She bought a house, TMZ, that's all, big deal.

1151 days ago


She does seem to have very many brain cells working does

1151 days ago


Something about a camel and a needle come to mind......

1151 days ago


I don't think she has a realistic sense of what privileged or spoilt means in practice and don't see how she could. I think that's forgiveable. Her background is not normal.

I really don't have a problem with that provided people don't put themselves on pedestals or expect to be respected. It's a shame she's put herself in the limelight, or was thrust there, she seems young.

I don't think she chose who her parents were and she has that in common with the rest of the human race.

1151 days ago


Dear Ms. Petra: Believed me you re not spoiled, You are priviledged and people should not hate, because your Father whom I respect a great deal. He had a plan for his Beautiful sexy daughters. He did throw his money down the chute and did not planned with his ex-wife about his daughters future. The only thing I have to say negative is that the Future club hopping man she has in her life, she do not need him, he is a leach, Oh how I wish she could find a Great man that would love her only and not her cash. She is a knock out and she is very smart. Both daughters.Not Spoiled, Just Blessed!

1151 days ago


You should have added a "clueless" box.

1151 days ago


She is very spoiled. But 85 million for a house? INSANE!!! Do she know that it's still a recession. She's just as worse as Soulja Boy 50 million dollar jet for his 21st birthday.

1151 days ago


She Looks like Kendra from the girls next door haha.

1151 days ago


JUST ONE QUESTION, "what school she went?"

1151 days ago


Why didn't anyone question the original owner and ask what they did with the profits from the sale? I think the rich should pay their fair share in taxes but they aren't responsible for building homes for 1000's who are less fortunate.

1151 days ago
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