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7/29/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Petra Ecclestone is a 22-year-old billionaire heiress with an $85 mil house -- so she's spoiled, right? Think again. And, is Kris Humphries in the dog house for saying Kim K. ISN'T the most beautiful woman on the planet? Plus, what grossed out everyone today?


(0:00) The great John Brix joins Harvey and Jason today!
(2:50) Petra Ecclestone -- who just bought an $85 million mansion -- says she's not spoiled, she's privileged. Really?
(6:30) Harvey rips the guy who interviewed Petra.
(17:00) Let's face it, it's stupid to build a house that big.
(20:10) Kris Humphries says his MOM is most beautiful woman in the world. Diss to Kim or a sweet moment?
(24:30) Nina gives a woman's opinion on the subject.
(27:00) The company that made Kim's wedding invitation also made them for a bunch of other celebs ... who are all divorced now.
(28:45) Mike's desk looks like an episode of hoarders ... and is LITTERED with Max's nasty trash.
(40:30) The Ochocinco jersey saga.
(44:00) Should celebs be responsible if their tweets cause something bad to happen ... like rave riots?


No Avatar


My contacts at gulf stream say he wants to lease the jet

1159 days ago


I don't think you can buy a brand-new G5 anymore. It was replaced in the Gulfstream lineup years ago. So there is no drop in value when you drive it off the lot.

1159 days ago

some guy    

ocho should seriously hire chumlee to negotiate.

1159 days ago

some guy    

Meh... I'm more disgusted with people that are such sheep they blindly follow whatever celebrities tweet.

1159 days ago


Harvey, how many followers (besides me) do you have on Twitter now?

1159 days ago


Thanks Harvey, you guys do a service that not even our government ever will--providing real--up to speed info and opinions--about things that Americans should be aware of. There is so much injustince within our justice system and I think that you might help help make positive changes--maybe that Judge should be watching your show--Hello?!!? They really need to quite trying to make an example out of people

1159 days ago


House for 85 mil or plane for 55 mil dough boy loses

1159 days ago


Hi, Is Adam Sandler truly dead?

1159 days ago

iris monrreal    

I like the fact that Mike says hes a Mommas Boy there is nothing wrong with it. And yes i too have a son and they have called him Mommas boy too. My answer to that is thats ok son you have a mom who cares and is there for you
what does the other person have??

1159 days ago

Chynna Henton    

I would have loved to have seen Kim's face! But honestly maybe he just wanted to give his mother a great compliment to have such a great day! I mean his mum can just go to that comment anytime of day and look at it and be happy that her son gave her a shout out!

1159 days ago


is mrs spelling giving her share of profits or loss to charity

1159 days ago


I will say that she is spoiled. Technally her parents bought the house. Yes she paid for some but majority was paid for her. That is why I say I am spoiled. My parents have bought my home for me.

1159 days ago

who dat    

Harvey, privileged is spending money YOU earned. Spoiled is spending daddies money lavishly. Clueless is spending daddies 85 million on a home then saying you are privileged, not spoiled.

1159 days ago


Are you Rich Harvey? Ultimately, when people show off with WAY too big houses and rediculous cars I think it really just shows people's true colors...they're selfish.

1159 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Its good to see that Harvey is trying to show that he is conscious of our economic situation and everyone made good points today. In the depression era of the 30's you had celebrities such as Joan Crawford arrogantly flaunting there wealth, and if thats how you want to live fine, but aside from Crawford being a great actress, we know in death she still aint winning any popularity contests. Just sayin

1159 days ago
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