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Bam Margera

Gets New Ryan Dunn Tattoo

7/30/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Bam Margera got himself some fresh ink this week – a tattoo of his late pal Ryan Dunn on his right shoulder.

Margera, fresh off a few broken ribs from falling down the stairs, got the tat done by the same guy who does Lil Wayne's stuff. 


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Anyone who shed a tear when that drunken retard killed himself and murdered his friend should meet the same fate as him. The piece of crap didnt even deserve a grave, should of dumped that trash in the garbage.

Lets hope the next tmz article on his loser is about how he crashed his nice car after boozing it up like the hero he is so gay for.

1124 days ago


looks like total poooop!!! wee man's tat looks so much better. come on bam u got the money pay for a good tat, if that guy does all lil wangs stuff , id hate to see all his bs tats too, wow such a bad tribute to someone u say u loved, bam lost all the respect for u

1124 days ago


Why the hell is he wearing a hoodie in July?!?!?! What a retard...

1124 days ago


And this is news why? Does anyone really care that this drunk crapfest got a tattoo?

1124 days ago


I love Bam and I think he is awesome at his sport and awesome at making us all laugh but I must admit (sadly) I think Wee Man's tat looked a hell of a lot better than Bams. I know Bam and Dunn were close, and I hope this will make him "Grow Up" a little bit and go back to what he loves doing and that is skateboard competitions. Yes he makes a killing making everyone laugh, there is nothing wrong with that, but understand majjority of his money comes from Element Skating and that is what he needs to go back to dedicate himself too...skateboarding!

1124 days ago


I'm fairly certain Ryan Dunn was not the Brawny paper towel guy.

1123 days ago


Maybe I'm jumping into this conversation a little late, but I feel like it's not really our business what a man does in honor of his deceased friend. I'm reading alot of negative things towards Bam and the Jackass crew, and if you don't like them, that's ok but you don't need to be an ******* about it. In fact, I find it strange that you even read articles like this if all you plan on doing is bashing them.

1123 days ago


Why is he always wearing that lame hoodie vest?

1123 days ago


Wow look at all these losers calling someone successful enough to not worry about money again a "loser". Jealous much? :) its a fitting tribute to a best friend.

1123 days ago


i would do the same that was his bud they been through it all together movies and what not made it huge and for him to get taken just like that a friend has to show tribute to him.

1123 days ago


i love it

1122 days ago


Some people on here are just ********...bam and Ryan were friends no matter what u think and hey celebritygossipgirl u are just being a complete *******...Ryan was a great friend and a great guy he would do anything for anybody...bam is just as good a guy sooo what they have fun you wish u could be them don't be a hater...and there's nothing wrong with the tattoo it looks great and it's for his best friend that he would u feel if it was you...leave the guy u guys have nothing better to do with ur life

1121 days ago


Love him...

1119 days ago


That's pretty sweet, even thought I hate both these *******.

1113 days ago


why are yall hating on Bam? I adore him XD

1108 days ago
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