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Soulja Boy "Jet" Purchase


7/30/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy -- along with several members of his inner circle -- perpetuated a lie about purchasing a $55 million G5 jet ... at least that's what a spokesperson for Soulja is now saying. 

Earlier this week, TMZ spoke with Soulja, a member of his management team named Shai Storm and Soulja's assistant -- who all verified Soulja dropped the cash on the private jet as a 21st birthday gift to himself. 

In fact, Soulja even went on a radio show yesterday in Miami -- after TMZ's story posted -- and when asked if he bought the plane, coyly told the DJ he was "G5 status" ... but never said the story was false.  

Now, Soulja's "spokesperson" Greg Miller has issued a statement on behalf of the rapper ... saying the "elaborate rumors" are "not true."

Funny, because when our reporter spoke with Soulja earlier this week -- and asked him directly, he responded, "Hell yeah ... I bought it."

Sadly, so did we.

Since Miller's statement, TMZ has made dozens of calls to Shai Storm -- but he hasn't picked up. Storm did return a text message saying he was instructed that all media relations are now going through Miller.


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G5 status? In his case it sounds more like a cell block unit.

1130 days ago


oh please
I never believed it for a second

there is no way he is even worth 55 million let alone able to buy a $55 million jet.

1130 days ago


Example that not all press is good press.
Liar, wimp, desperate, = irrelevant.

1130 days ago

Harvey Two Face    


1130 days ago


And now what ? :-P

1130 days ago


i am reading some of these racist comments by the white people here, if i were you i wouldn't even throw a stone all you guys are potential pedo, serial killers or mass murders . i could by any thing except white they get so old by the age of 30. why would i want to be in the same category as jeffrey, hitler and all those guys are souless people.

1130 days ago


Nobody believed this story apart from you guys at TMZ. As soon as the majority saw the GIANT HEADLINE, we all knew it was BS. Who wrote the story Dax or the druggy looking hippy..... enough said.

1130 days ago


What a loser!

1130 days ago


I think it was always pretty obvious that there was no truth to this. It's 2011, Soulja Boy doesn't have $55 million.

1130 days ago


Stars lie all the time and TMZ don't care. What made you run Soulja boy story down. What about stars like Jennifer Aniston, She seem to put false stories out all the time-do you run down her lies? That chick hired a pr agent to put out so many stories to the media but I don't see TMZ running down her lies. Is Aniston really dating that bald guy name Justin? I don't think so but Aniston garbage is OK with TMZ. Did she really sell her house for that amount of money? Is she really house hunting? What about Donald Trump, he spit out a lot of lies? Trump said he had the number 1 TV show did you check up on that lie? Still waiting for what really killed Amy Winehouse hope you are going stay on that and tell us rather she was using drugs and drinking alcohol or not since her dad said she was not using drugs or drinking? Did you check up on Dr. Drew to find out if he was lying about Amy Winehouse trying to contact him for help or not? Did you check up on the Harry Potter crew to see if Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson really have drinking problems.
People in Hollywood lead false life styles all the time but you chose which people you chose to run down. What about Soulja boy upset TMZ? So Soulja boy lied about the airplane like the other stars lie. Why get mad because Soulja boy said he brought an airplane for his birthday? Who care if he did or did not buy an airplane.

1130 days ago


Does anyone really believe this fool had 55mil to but a plane? Everything he has is probably leased. Only people with real dough can buy big toys like that. NOT a RAPPER POSER!

1130 days ago


What a DUMB ASS!

1130 days ago

john savage    

Oh, say it ain't so!! Soulja Boy took a page out of the PDiddy play book and it backfired! Ouch!! That's ok, my niece's high school is looking for a half-time act for their fall football jamboree. Soulja, have your people, call my people and we'll fly you in on a Concord jet that we purchased last week from selling cookies at a neighborhood bake sale.

1130 days ago


Anyone, I mean ANYONE, who believed this bull-ish should shoot themselves! Number one, SB does not, repeat DOES NOT, have that kind of cache. Neither credit NOR paper wise. Stupid.

1130 days ago


soulja bitch doesnt even have $55 million... first of all he would need well over 100 million to even consider buying a jet that expensive and in reality his net worth is dog ****. he should fall off face of the earth and stop them kindergarten dance routines with his pathetic friends.

1130 days ago
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