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Soulja Boy "Jet" Purchase


7/30/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy -- along with several members of his inner circle -- perpetuated a lie about purchasing a $55 million G5 jet ... at least that's what a spokesperson for Soulja is now saying. 

Earlier this week, TMZ spoke with Soulja, a member of his management team named Shai Storm and Soulja's assistant -- who all verified Soulja dropped the cash on the private jet as a 21st birthday gift to himself. 

In fact, Soulja even went on a radio show yesterday in Miami -- after TMZ's story posted -- and when asked if he bought the plane, coyly told the DJ he was "G5 status" ... but never said the story was false.  

Now, Soulja's "spokesperson" Greg Miller has issued a statement on behalf of the rapper ... saying the "elaborate rumors" are "not true."

Funny, because when our reporter spoke with Soulja earlier this week -- and asked him directly, he responded, "Hell yeah ... I bought it."

Sadly, so did we.

Since Miller's statement, TMZ has made dozens of calls to Shai Storm -- but he hasn't picked up. Storm did return a text message saying he was instructed that all media relations are now going through Miller.


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Josh T.    

Makes sense to me. If Diddy is having trouble putting gas in his jet, there is no way this flash in the pan putz is buying a band new jet. Not sure what telling a stupid lie like this does for one's career.

1127 days ago


Everyone knows he does not have that kind of $.

1127 days ago


if he did buy a plane he would barely take it out.. he probably could not afford to fill the gas tank.

Even if i was rich i would never buy a plane just for myself that's just not a smart investment, if the plane its not going to be use for profit. Too many expenses come with it u could easily throw away all your riches.

to me if he did buy a plane this rapper is one ignorant person.

if he did not buy a plane this rappers is a liar either way he looks stupid.

1127 days ago


"Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for flying Soulja Boy Airlines. This a direct flight to Bankruptcy, USA."

1127 days ago


Someone really set him up on this - or he's totally retarded - either way his garbage music sure sucks. Whomever did this publicity flap jack was pretty smart, but it's obvious someone just wants to ruin his career. Remember Ja Rule, etc? I think him, Chingy, R Kelly and Chris Brown as this bull**** artist soldier-boy should do a joint together

1127 days ago


It's all fun and games until the IRS comes a callin!

1127 days ago

feed up    

This is what happens when you give money to the so called artist. When in fact they are just punks like most of the hip hop " artist "

1127 days ago


OMG I CALL BUL$$HT first and i still believe his twitter wasnt hack he was the one that went on the racist rant

1127 days ago


Two questions: #1 if he did buy it what's the big deal? #2 Now that we know he didnt buy it, what's the big deal?

Rappers BS about their money all the time. Didn't think anyone took it literal.

1127 days ago


his net worth isn't even 20mil. this guy is whack.

1127 days ago


Come on...when I first heard this story I thought it was bull. Did anyone really think that the same guy that came out with the song "Crank That" would actually have 55 million sitting around to purchase a jet? Jay Z...yea. Diddy...yea. Lil Wayne...maybe. Soulja Boy...Really?

1127 days ago

Mr. Ned    

So TMZ got punked by Soulja Boy? This doesn't make you guys at TMZ very good. Maybe you people at TMZ had better plan on your revenge very soon. For example, you can point out the fact that Soulja Boy's last album sold only 13,000 copies since its release in November. That number 13,000 is correct and your Google just so TMZ doesn't end up looking well with egg on their face --Again.

1127 days ago


Soulja Boy could've just been joking! But the man who raped me was not joking when he brutalized me, tearing my vagina and forcing me to make a bowel movement on myself during the act.

1127 days ago


Wow... Just lost the tiiiiiiiny bit of respect I had left for you.
Fckin loser.

1127 days ago


He'll be selling it for 2,000 dollars to cover child support in about 6 months.

1127 days ago
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