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7/31/2011 7:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse Adoption
Amy Winehouse was preparing to adopt a 10-year-old girl from the island of St. Lucia, the girl and her grandmother told a British paper today. 

The girl -- Dannika Augustine (seen above with Amy) -- says she met the singer during one of Amy's visits to the island over the past few years. She says she was living in poverty with her single mom when Amy took an interest in her. 

Dannika tells The Sunday Mirror, "Amy was already my mother. I would call her mum and she would call me her daughter. She took care of me and we had fun together. I loved her and she loved me ... She was the most amazing person and I was looking forward to living with her here or in London. I cannot believe she is gone. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me."

Dannika's grandmother Marjorie says she spoke to Amy a few weeks ago and that Amy planned to return to St. Lucia next month. She told the paper, "Amy wanted to have a child so bad. If she had not died, there is no doubt she would be here in St Lucia completing the adoption process. There is no way she would have done what she did to herself if Dannika was with her."
Both of Dannika's parents had signed off on the adoption.


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Is it just me or does it kind of look like Amy is walking away from the child and the kid is grabbing her arm. If anybody believes this story they are effin idiots. So if AMy can adopt a child, does that mean Michael Jackson was the going to open an orphange for wayward boys? Im just saying....

1182 days ago


I mourn for Amy, I have a t-shirt with her portrait. Today I downloaded her first albums (on ). I remember one of her first concerts...I was happy to be there... R.I.P. Amy

1182 days ago


You don't give someone who can't take care of themselves a baby. I know nannies do most of the work but get real.

1182 days ago


stop giving us crap news like she was some saint! she was a druggie!

1182 days ago


Just another one of Amy's delusions...drug addicts do not make good Mothers!

1182 days ago


I guess they don't have many prerequisites for adopting children in St.Lucia. Maybe this little girl would have helped Amy stay clean. So sad.

1182 days ago


It's well known that Amy loved children and wanted to have one. She also talked before about wanting to adopt a child from St. Lucia. BUT she was in no position to do so, due to her drug and alcohol addictions. It's a shame that those addictions took away everything from her but they did, and she was not in a place where she could be a mother, so it's a good thing that it didn't come to pass.

1182 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Wow, I guess some good does come out of death.

1182 days ago

Allison Ray    

You know this child's grandparents are going for the big payoff!

1182 days ago


Wow--what adoption agency would have approved that?!?!?! The same one that would approve Casey Anthony adopting another kid? I love Amy's music but she was a junkie--she had her demons. Dont' you have to at least be semi-coherent/conscious to take care of a child?

1182 days ago


It's great that people of any race wants to adopt a child needing a home from Africa. But it's says a lot about the very low standards the adoption agencies have for who is allowed to adopt a child in Africa. Winehouse (like Madonna and Joline) IMO is NOT parent material. May she rest in peace but Winehouse was a drug addicted out of control loser who died living a irresponsible lifestyle. Other than some material assets what could she have given this child. it's better IMO for a lot of these rich celebrities to simply give to charity and leave the adopting to someone else.

1182 days ago


I don't believe Amy was going to adopt this child. The family in St Lucia are probably after a hand out from Amy's will.

1182 days ago


Just in time to claim $ from the estate. How come nobody heard of this before plus who'd even consider giving custody to a junkie

1182 days ago


There are so many gullible people in the world. This story isn't true. I know Europeans and North Americans tend to believe the worst of the "ISLAND" but seriously who the HELL would give the crack head legal rights over a child. Please!!!

1182 days ago


Hey, Harvey just imagine if Ms. Winehouse when she did adopted kids. OUGH!! Who the adopted kids or Amy would be able care take of each other. The world would never know about Amy caring for kids and her sippy cup!

1182 days ago
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