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Auto Legend Carroll Shelby


8/1/2011 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Automotive legend Carroll Shelby -- the guy who designed the Ford Mustang Cobra -- has been sued by a former receptionist who claims the 88-year-old sexually assaulted her ... and also ignored her complaints when she told him she was raped by one of his employees.

According to the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Angelica Smith claims she began working for Shelby back in 2005 as a receptionist ... but was treated as a "personal servant" ... with Shelby often forcing her to go out on "grocery runs, liquor runs, pornography runs."

In the docs, Smith claims Shelby ran a "pervasively hostile work environment" ... and "on at least one occasion, Shelby himself sexually battered [Smith] by groping her" at his home.

Smith claims things got worse in December 2010, alleging she was drugged and raped at Shelby's home by a man who worked for Shelby.

Smith claims she reported the incident to Shelby himself -- but he "did not take any corrective action."

Instead, Smith claims, she was fired -- partly out of retaliation for reporting the rape to Shelby.

Smith is suing Shelby, Shelby's companies and the alleged rapist -- and she wants more than $5 million in damages.

TMZ reached out to Shelby's lawyer -- so far, no response.


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I wouldn't advise reporting a rape to a dude who's previously assaulted me -

1115 days ago


Wow!...So she didn't report to the police after the rape. Sounds like she is another whore is after the money. I hope Shelby wins. I hate liars.

1115 days ago


I'd like to make a new rule that men NOT wear baseball caps and a sports coat at the same time -

1115 days ago


What a hoe!

1115 days ago


If I was sexually assaulted I would've reported it to the cops n quit! N than if I was raped after being sexually assaulted they wouldn't hav 2 fire me, I would've quit than also! N instead of reporting it to this guy, I would've reported it to the police like you're supposed to do when you are raped. Money hungry. And I don't like to say that, but that is sure what it seems like.

1115 days ago


Employers don't deal with rape charges, the police do. If she didn't file a complaint with the police, I don't believe her.

1115 days ago


Doesn't make sense to me. She claims this man "groped" her. Then another raped her, and she "reports" it the man who "groped" her???? She should not get a dime!! I get so sick of these woman waiting years to say something, then want money. If she would have reported the "sexual harassment" when it happened, she would not have received any money then. Why is it when woman get "groped" they all of a sudden see dollar signs? Making a profit off of that? That is just as sick!!!

1115 days ago


Right or wrong..............the media will find out whom is telling the truth......we tend to believe them anyway! Not that they are wrong!

1114 days ago


Innocent until proven guilty! I for one don't believe it! Sounds like a girl lost a really great job and is now crying sour grapes!

1114 days ago


crap..did my GT500 just drop in value?

Shelby is an icon - this smells of so much BS!

1114 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

someone rapes you and you report the incident to your boos? is that woman stupid or what? when someone rapes you you go to the police station don't you?

1114 days ago


The geezer hasn't retired yet? She sounds like an ugly version of Anna Nicole, looking to profit off of a rich old fart before he kicks. I hope she judge slaps her as well.

1114 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Not buying it. So the guy sexually assaulted her and she kept working for him only to be raped by some other employee later.. and then she doesn't call the actual police but reports it to her boss? Yeah.. no. Sounds like the woman is looking for a payday.

1114 days ago


She was treated badly for 5 years? Yeah right. If you are mistreated then you leave. You don't stay for years and then demand millions. Now let's see some pictures. My sympathey could only be based on her looking extremely hot at this point.

1114 days ago


Waiting 7 months to report a rape? Come on now...

1114 days ago
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