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Charlie and Brooke



8/2/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's the photo NO ONE ever thought would be taken ... Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller TOGETHER with their kids this weekend ... smiling, like one big happy family.

The meeting took place at Charlie's Hollywood Hills mansion Sunday -- while Brooke was on a break from her new rehab program.

TMZ spoke with Charlie ... who told us the twins, Bob and Max, had a great time -- playing around and scarfing down handfuls of candy while BOTH of their parents watched.

Charlie says, "Harmony is our goal. Sunday was a wonderful start."

Charlie and Brooke are working hard to mend their relationship so they can co-parent their kids.  We're also told ... when Brooke completes her treatment, Charlie wants to move her to a home in his neighborhood, so they can spend more time together ... as a family.


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God bless them!

1145 days ago


I wish them all the best. Brooke and Charlie giving it a go at co-parenting is a giant step. Unlike Lindsay, I think Brooke is really trying to fight her problems. Denise is being graceful about all of this as well. Don't hate these two. I hope they work it out. I don't know her but from seeing the show I beleive Brooke loves Charlie. Sometimes love justs gets too intense so people go off thier heads a bit. Lets give them a chance and say nice things.

1145 days ago


God bless them both!

1145 days ago


Well! Finally! Maybe there IS hope that both of these parents are hitting a maturity level. However, letting the
kiddies gorge on sweets is only setting them up for similar
addictive natures. They can't get the emotional fulfillment they need from their parents, so they fill these
needs with sugar and of course, that leads to other adverse effects on their health. PARENTS! FRUITS, VEGETABLES!
Give them healthy foods!

1145 days ago

Not Fooled    

The one major thing that has always gotten under my skin about these two, is that they seriously look like they could be brother and sister! It's creepy. I would LOVE a photo montage put together with photos that really show this - because trust me, this one doesn't show it as much as others I have seen.

1145 days ago


This is so over the top and fake I can't begin to take it seriously. They mean well and it would be nice for them to stay together as a healthy family for the sake of the kids but everyone knows this is the beginning of the end ONCE AGAIN for these two. Anyone want to make a bet when this "union" will implode. I don't give it a month.

1145 days ago


Anyone know why Brookes mom helps with the kids but not the Sheen's?

1145 days ago


maybe after helping out a childrens charity with a contest to win money for research and seeing all the images of newborns near death got him thinking about his own kids... maybe this is the kick in the ass he needs to get him straight. Go to google and do a news search for CHARLIE SHEEN & CHERUBS and you can see all the news thats been going around w/ him helping that charity!

1145 days ago


Man, he really looks like he's lost so much weight, I hope he gets help, he's so talented and it's sad to see someone fall that far, I really feel bad for him, and for his family :( I actually watched Paris's reality show, Brooke really is in love with him still, it's just sad. Drugs suck :(

1145 days ago


Charlie is doing a lot of GOOD things lately that the media won't report on. How many times has TMZ been sent tips on Charlie helping critically ill babies? And yet, nada on TMZ about it.

1145 days ago

billy cema    

Charlie looks sick. Brooke looks out of it. The kids look like they are seeing something horrible.
They need our prayers, not condemnation!

1145 days ago


the kids look like they are frightened and asking who are these people...I hope they are both sincere about this and not just Charlie wanting to get back in good with the public, only to act like a jerk again.

1145 days ago


love them all

1145 days ago

Kathleen Carpenter    

I honestly think these children would be better off away from BOTH of these disasters. I don't want them to fall into the Foster program but there must be someone in the family who can take these two kids. This is just so tragic that these two people are parents to young kids. Makes me extremely sad for the kids.

1145 days ago


Look at her eyes....if she is clean I'll eat my shoes

1145 days ago
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