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Kate Gosselin

I Can Still Stomach My Ex

8/1/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

A fresh-faced and makeup free Kate Gosselin showed off her taut mother of eight abs as her ex-husband Jon Gosselin picked up their kids in Pennsylvania this weekend.

In Kate's case, divorce really does the body good.


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It's amazing what surgery will do for ya...

1179 days ago


she looks like she has aged 20 years lol, but still ripped

1179 days ago

Khate sucks    

OF COURSE she can 'stomach' he drives off with all EIGHT Pain in the asses......NOW she can work out and look like this! Jon was treated like **** for YEARS by this BEOTCH yet people took her side? WTF is wrong with THAT PIX?

1179 days ago


Ok, I don't like this woman, but I have to say something here. You CAN'T BUY MUSCLE TONE!!! You can have a tummy tuck to tighten muscle underneath to get rid of the 'baby pooch' and extra skin... You can get a boob job to make boobs bigger, but you don't get a ripped midsection and toned arms and legs from tummy tucks and boob jobs. I know. I had tummy tuck, but do 200-300 crunches or core excersices everyday to get my abs. Tummy tuck had nothing to do with it. The people who say she bought her fitness are just jealous and don't want to put in the work. It's just another excuse to not do anything. The woman works hard to look like that. B**** or not.

1179 days ago


Damn! She's ripped

1179 days ago


Kate has no waistline...

1179 days ago

Lucy Mouse Head    

I guess it would be fashionable to say bad things about her being a raving bitch and undesireable because of all those kids(really, no woman is hot enough that you would take on EIGHT kids) but I would sooooooo like just a couple of nights with that.

1179 days ago


she has to stay in shape to try and get on tv.... she is sinking fast ... thank god ! remember she thinks she is a star ? boy, makeup works wonders on this one. ugh !!!

1179 days ago


Kate doesn't have a waistline.....

1179 days ago


I hate giving this woman any credit, but her stomach surgery was years ago. Obviously she is working out, and hard. This picture makes her appear human and likable. I was a fan when in the early years. Guessing she is working hard to stay in television.

1178 days ago


I hate giving this woman any credit, but fact is she looks fantastic. The plastic surgery was years ago. No doubt she is working hard at staying fit. Guessing she wants desperately to stay in television.

1178 days ago


Whoa...she looks so different without make-up!

1175 days ago


she is only "ripped" and has a hot body because some plastic surgeron felt sorry for her and gave her a FREE, severe, tummy tuck. Guess all pregnant women should get someone to feel sorry for them and then they can have a flat stomach too. I am still a fan of John's. I think Kate is demanding and egotistical.

1173 days ago


Since her show is being canceled I would be we will be reading about her upcoming spread in Playboy...soon!! YUCK!

1165 days ago

lilly vivona    

Although Kate's body looks great and can be accomplished after birth, her stomach is absolutely impossible through exercise. Afterall she had 6 kids in there at once. It is common knowledge that she had a tummy tuck. She never denied it. That would maker her stomach tight and flat, the rest is hard work at the gym. Apparently they were able to cut out the stretch marks too. Looks good!

1159 days ago
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