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8/1/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan finally has a sense of humor about her whole stolen necklace caper ... and she even let a puppet crack a joke at her expense -- right to her face.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay shot a comedy sketch called "On the SkyCouch with Rico" for Air New Zealand -- with a puppet that looks like a reject from "Where the Wild Things Are."

In the sketch -- which was shot inside Lindsay's Venice condo while she was under house arrest -- the puppet gives Lindsay a necklace ... but then assures her ... IT'S ALL PAID FOR!

Not bad for a dummy.


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Ghost Rider    

This gig is right up there with Spinal Tap having to open for the puppet show if you ask me.

1179 days ago


I still don't get Why it's ok to direct your hate towards a celebrity, however it's not ok to have hate directed at you, a internet nobody?

Hate away. I'm A-Okay money, career and material-thing wise. Trying to prive it here ould be fruitless.

Why doesn't Lindsay just stop lying to the paps and insulting the intelligence of the public?

1179 days ago


Why does Lindsay have white hair? I know everyone has been saying how much older she looks lately but this is getting ridicules.
Tabloid headlines: Celebrity has-been ages over night.

Lindsay's red hair goes white, will she ever get the young parts again or will she play the parent part in the "Parent Trap" this time?

The white hair just washes her out and the extensions look awful. I think that Lindsay should go back to her natural hair color so that she will once again match her fire crotch.

1179 days ago


That video will also not air anywhere but here. LOLs.

Emma Stone. 3 FILMS this summer.

1179 days ago


I gather the Kiwi's have a different definition of "celebrity" than we do in USA.

ooh wait...They just forgot to put the word "tabloid" in the script.

1179 days ago


Four words - Non Violent Misdemeanor Offender
Judge Sautner has treated Lindsay fairly and reached the conclusion that the DUIs were 4 years ago and Lindsay had completed everything in 2010!.
Also if you refering to the drinking while on house arrest and no testing then there is a legal explanation for that.

Judge Fox only ordered controlled substance testing from February 25th and this is in Lindsay's file. So in June she shouldn't even have been tested and because it was not a violation even if she wanted Judge Sautner could not have modified probation.
It was just common sense for the Judge to not add testing when she sentenced Lindsay in May.

Is there a legal explanation as to why you are such a fool?

Really so sick of you regurgitating the same ol'e story over and over. You are like a parrot but instead of crackers you probably ask for crack!

1179 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Thank you Jay. :D All my friends made it so special.

1179 days ago


Her hair is now whiter then mine ....but mine came ahh la natural care of father time and mother nature....and swedish genes....its the dark roots that she constantly has that bugs the crap out of me....why to women dry their hair blondle then let about a inch or more dark root poke out , makem's look cheap no matter who they are....blonde hair streaks in the sun and goes lighter on top all the way to the root.....and those extension are not human hair they shine to much or they are indian hair. which is a lot rougher then european hair extensions which are very fine...
I know I got me a couple of pieces I wear to dress up in...cause I can't get a good ponytail or bun any more....LOL

1179 days ago

john smith    

The commercial is of much better quality than the auction website one. I watched it with the sound off because Im working but Lindsay looks good.

1179 days ago


If no one ever clicked on or commented on a story about this has been no talent, would TMZ stop covering her? Could we try?

1179 days ago



I figure she wants to look like Paris (same hair color now) her idol. Why else would she forgive all the terrible things Paris has done to her, and is about to do again. LOL

1179 days ago


Rouge Warrior,
This avatar is just for you !!!

She may look like her mommy but she the general's daughter for sure...she can slice you up and dice you before you even know she has the knife , so to speak....if you cross her and she doesn't tolerate fools or smart ass's...that why she is such a great surgicial nurse....

And this is just the first of my daughters.....LOL so before you try to insult us women you better know who you are typing too..Most of these "bag ladies bullies " are drop dead gorgeous in their own right but unlike Miss Lohan they don't have massive self conseat or self-idolization..they are nomal beautiful women ...

1179 days ago


the auction website, hires a none thief criminal to rep. for them.

now this new zealand company or video, wants to ruin their name too.

maybe the people giving her these lame gigs should find out more about her.

come on here and read what the sane people think about lielo.

I am sure if they investigated further they would not have offered her a job at all.

look at plum they regret they even heard the name lindsay.

are they so broke that they can only afford the worse.

1179 days ago


wow is this video the big comeback red clod was talking about.
I can hear frank sinatra singing to red crap and john smith song right now.
hes got high hopes. he s got high hopes.
she gets high on dope, she gets high on dope.

1179 days ago


First the puppet calls her "Miss Lay Low" and gets away with it. He says, "Thank you for joining me on the sky couch". Then he says, "I'm flattered you let me have in you. What the??? Is this how she is making her money now? The puppet doesn't lie.

1179 days ago
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