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8/2/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0802_sheenLooks like Charlie Sheen's character will be six feet under when "Two and a Half Men" returns this fall.

After TMZ reported Sheen's Charlie Harper will be killed off ... and now, according to, Harper's funeral will take place at the beginning of the September 19 show.

The episode will reportedly open with a memorial service attended by Harper's many girlfriends. Charlie's beach pad -- the home he shares with Alan and Jake -- will then go up for sale and real-life celebs are all potential buyers.

According to the report, Ashton Kutcher's character will likely buy the house and somehow Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones stay in the picture.




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He was about to run off with Rose, that would have been the best solution. I know they wanted to make sure that he didn't come back, but if you don't hire the guy back....he won't come back....right???

1178 days ago


Never watched the show, but this sounds lame!!!!!!!!!!!!

1178 days ago


I was close. I had him running away with Rose to England or something. She's rich so he wouldn't have to work and that would piss of Alan even more. Ashton would buy it and Alan would ask for a couple of months and Ashton agrees and the time just gets stretched more and more...

1178 days ago


LOVED 2 and a 1/2 MEN. All the actors and actresses were, is good but Charlie made the show what it was. Say what you will about him, he WAS 2 n 1/2 men. Am sure Aston is good, but thats the end of the show, killing his character was weak and pitty any how Sheen stays WINNING

1178 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

It is too bad Charlie had to flip out and get fired, loved him on the show but, I also love the other characters too especially Jon Cryer he is hilarious! Looking forward to the new season although I'm not a big fan of Ashton Kutcher his hair really bugs me LOL

1178 days ago


is it just me? or does anyone else see failure here?

1178 days ago


you only show the later years of him on men......he was at his best in the earlier ones...that's the charlie I liked.....R.I.P.....

1178 days ago



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1178 days ago


That already doesn't make sense. Firstly, Charlie is the star of the show. No matter who they bring in to replace him, there will be fans that won't return to watching. Secondly, is Alan really that big of a mooch where he'd continue to live in a house that will eventually be own by a total stranger. Well.. yes, he is, but it makes no sense. Unless Aston's character is a "room mate" of sorts or something...

Sorry, but the ratings of this show were dropping, then skyrocketed when Charlie went through some crap... but I don't see the show lasting much longer with Sheen gone.

1178 days ago


Sounds really, really, really lame.

Next, Lorre is going to bring in a Cousin Oliver character. Once the ratings plunge because the show doesn't work without Charlie, they're going to need a cute kid to spike the ratings.

Then the show will be called 2 and a half and a half men.

1178 days ago

some guy    

Whew... Charlie trolls are out in force this morning. Wonder how many of these posters are actually the same person.

1178 days ago


Charlie's right. Chuck has absolutely no ideas. This idea is lame. I love the original show, sheen fits perfectly. The show should be called "Dude, this show is gonna suck balls". Ashton couldn't entertain dust. Chuck, you f**ked up! Charlie was right, chuck is more focused on his other shows and can care less about 2 1/2 men. Why would you kill off one of the most popular characters and put in Ashton Kutcher? **** move Chuck!!!

1178 days ago


That's what we all figured would happen. Can't do it in real life (he'll take care of that himself) so gotta do it on screen.

1178 days ago


I don't think it is a good idea to kill off Charlie, only because this is supposed to be a comedy. Have Charlie move away with Ashton being a distant cousin, renting the house. Ashton moves into the house, allowing Alan and Jake to stay on.

1178 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I think it's going to be great if the show turns out to be funnier than ever. I always changed the channel when 2.5 Men came on until I moved out to the middle of nowhere where there's no cable.

But if it doesn't, so what? Did you think it would last forever? Did Three's Company last forever? Did The Facts of Life last forever? Did....SMALL WONDER last forever!!??!

Seriously, it's nothing to get up in arms about.

1178 days ago
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